Saturday, July 23, 2016

interview with Winter Vandenbrink from COLLECTION OF DOCUMENTARIES

Collection of Documentaries captures British youth culture and are comparable to Masses, Dust and LAW The magazine has no online presence. Issue three just came out.
We met the editors in the shop and asked Winter Vandenbrink some questions about his publication.

How would you describe your magazine yourself?

Collection of documentaries is a bi-annual publication focused on youth culture and how it is documented today.
My partner in this, Lee Crichton and I are also very interested in studying and researching new styles of photography.
For this new issue for instance, we have a soft theme which is "new realism".

You have no online presence, why not?
We like to be this book/mag that you find which comes as a surprise, something to cherish, something that not everyone knows about.

Which magazines inspired you when you started COD?
Collection of documentaries is mostly inspired by photography itself. I think I used my inspiration from other magazines for an earlier publication I used to create called "Blend"
COD is therefore very clean and minimal in it's design, printed on very high-end paper, so that it is all about the photography.

When you’re in a magazine shop, what are your browsing habits?
I look mostly for the independent mags like Dust or Masses also the little corners where zines are hidden interest me.
What's the best thing about publishing a printed magazine?
Well I love collecting great work from other photographers of which I feel they are full of zeitgeist. Some of them only publish online or are still in school.
To me it feels natural to collect this and sent it out into the world in printed form to make it important.

What are your future plans for COD?
7 more issues until our cover is completely black, every issue our blank cover is printed 10% more grey. After that, everything is open.