Friday, June 24, 2016

KINFOLK #20: The Travel Issue

The introduction of the issue says things like' things change within us when we travel'. Has Kinfolk itself changed during the 20-issues-journey? Or has the concept become too familiar to inspire or shock us? Now, Kinfolk was never made to shock; it's all too beautiful and harmonious for that. But inspire; yes, they do it again. Although the whole community-feeling -which was quite outspoken when Kinfolk started- seems to have bleakened a little bit, the conscious lifestyle they portrait is still vivid. 

We read interviews with interesting people we otherwise would never come across; hurray for 'not the usual suspects'. Texan musician Leon Bridges, prop stylist and photographer Anita Calero and fashion designer Abdul Abasi are among them. It's an interesting blend of personal stories, new businesses and awesome places. Age, gender, origin; it's all represented in the clean design that has inspired so many other magazines that followed Kinfolk. Funny, the paper is from Arjo Wiggins, who will speak at What Design Can Do in Amsterdam next week.


Magazine Video

new in Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum from Athenaeum Boekhandel on Vimeo.