Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Sometimes, when well-known magazines that are in demand and that have been around for a while doing what they do – and doing it well – decide to do something different, fans can be disappointed. Sometimes, when a well-known magazine tailored around men and masculine culture goes female, fans can be disappointed. Sometimes, when a German magazine starts to publish in English, fans can be disappointed. Sometimes, when a well-known magazine tailored around men’s (and later women’s) fashion goes interior, fans can be disappointed. The Heritage Post has done all of the above. We are not disappointed, nor, we’re quite sure, are any other fans.

Since 2012 The Heritage Post has been publishing its quarterly ‘Magazin Für Herrenkultur’ (Magazine For Men’s Culture), quickly picked up as the expert in vintage accessories, apparel and style for men and everything in a men’s life. When they launched the first issue of their ‘Magazin Für Die Frau’ (Magazine For The Woman) in 2014, it was received just as enthusiastically by a completely female audience. In January 2016 editors Uwe and Stefanie launched the sixteenth issue of The Heritage Post’s men’s edition in English as well as in German, and now, a couple of months later, they managed to surprise everyone with The Interior Post – a ‘Magazine Für Wohnkultur’ (Magazine For Interior Culture). Publishing in English was a smart move: while staying true to their heritage (clever choice of words, right?) and their fan base, they managed to increase the latter by miles. Now accessible for a wider audience, and with more flair internationally, The Heritage Post is becoming bigger and bigger.  

Yet where The Heritage Post has had a flair for interior design, cool gadgets, art and awesome vintage finds since the get-go, The Interior Post is now the editors’ official outlet. When visiting Athenaeum this April, one of them mentioned how their hearts really lay in interiors, and this is plain to see on opening the fantastic first issue of Interior Post. Filled with beautiful shops, restaurants, hotels and interiors, art, accessories and vintage treasures, The Interior Post features the most jealous-making lofts, studios and apartments and tips the most handsome buys around. A combination of urban and rural living, modern and vintage, the first issue manages to touch base with all interior essentials. Formatted in the classic The Heritage Post way, as a fan you know exactly what to expect, yet are given so much more. The Interior Post is published in German and available in our webshop here. The latest issue of The Heritage Post for women features vintage wedding dresses, recipes, Pashley bikes and all the best buys from internationally trending brands. Published in German and available in our webshop here. The, just in, April issue of The Heritage Post for men is also chock full of steam punk, knives, cars and lots of other goodies published in English (and German) and available in our webshop here. Happy Heritage everyone!

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