Friday, March 18, 2016


Put simple The Lifted Brow is a literary indiemag that features new writing from all over the world. Adding an element of complexity would be to say that, oh, The Lifted Brow is so much more than that – starting with its tagline: 'a quarterly attack journal'. It’s not your average literary magazine, but has the – albeit quite aggressive – aim to put its reader in motion. Get to changing! Be challenged! Entertainment and humor is all very well, but The Lifted Brow is really to be read with a lifted brow. Learn. Change. Do.

As an organization Australian The Lifted Brow is a small publishing house, that also hosts various events and collaborations with other similar organizations. On top of that they manage to publish a crazy awesome quarterly magazine that features tons of essays, comics, photography, flash fiction, poetry and opinion columns, from voices from all over the globe - though mostly Australian. What’s exciting about this mag is then exactly its colossal attempt at chugging all imaginable voices, forces and ideas onto a mere 120 pages. It’s a tour de force in all its traditional aspects – a little too much, but crazy exciting and inspiring to read.

The Lifted Brow is one of those sit-down magazines you can shelve next to The Outpost and Delayed Gratification, but at the same time does just fine snuggling up next to The Happy Reader, Idler and The Believer. Current affairs, literary, they’re all just labels anyway, and they’re exactly what The Lifted Brow aim to abolish. Both issue 27 and issue 28 are available in our on- and offline store for those of you who want to learn more, know more, read more, see more, about, well… everything.

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