Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Spanish magazine Assistant, featured in the latest fashion edition of the Dutch Linda. Mode, is an indiemag for photographers, fashion designers, and creative minds. Its name harks back to the idea that behind every great name there’s the assistant. And that assistants might just be the new generation of fashion designers to look out for. The magazine focusses on showcasing the world of the fashion industry from a backstage-perspective, meant for everyone willing to be, or interested in reading about, the Industry (with capital I). Its strength then lies in the fact they manage to abolish its capital letter.

Featured in each issue are creative talents that make their own way, in whatever way. And mind you, it’s not all sunshine and roses – Assistant is refreshing in that it’s honest, and bares all. “Assistant is about the ups and downs of [assistants’] lives and experiences and the why, when, where and how they got where they are and where they are going” (Assistant). Its third issue, available in our on- and offline shop, is marked ‘Repetition’ and tackles the intuition of being yourself and not anyone else. “A NEW magazine, NEW people doing NEW things.” Breaking with clich├ęs, ideas of gender, issues of race, the issue is chockfull of the widest range of assistants in videography, creative directing, photography and modelling – including a beautiful feature on Amanda Sanchez, a Brazilian woman whose been working at Chanel for over fourteen years as a living mannequin, Lily Jean Harvey, the next Kate Moss, an extensive feature on the future of Indian models, and an interview with menswear designer Thibo Denis, whose been working alongside Kris van Assche for nearly ten years.

Refreshing in a static world of vacant stares, photo filters and straight lines, Assistant tells the stories of engagement, reinvention and journeys. A great mag for anyone fighting to stake their claim, put their stamp, or wallowing in the kaleidoscopic universe of fashion. Or just for you and me.


Dutch magazine Linda. Mode is one of Linda de Mol’s successful spin-offs: filled to the brim with interviews with people in the Dutch fashion industry, actors and stylists, it’s the perfect mag to curl up on the sofa with on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Including Linda’s favorites like Eres bathing suits and Armor Lux sandals, great reading tips like Assistant, and funny columns.

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