Wednesday, January 20, 2016


South as a State of Mind has taken on a new role, a temporary one, mind you, but one of importance nonetheless. After five issues of being ‘just’ South their sixth issue is their first as the host of Documenta 14. Slightly larger than A4, with over 250 pages, and for a rather surprising ten euros, the latest issue creates a nice BOOM, and not just because of its bright yellow cover.

Filled with various contributions by artists, poets, scholars, architects, and film-makers, South tells the story of the Documenta 14 to come - taking place in Athens in April 2017, and in its birthplace Kassel two months later. With its clean layout and the publication of works by people such as Stefan Zweg, Jonas Mekas and Hannah Arendt, the magazine is a near-perfect mix of scholarly articles, theoretical essays, loaded poetry and opinionated visuals printed on various types of gorgeous paper. Pleasing academics and artists alike.

It’s not a coffee table mag, or an I’m-on-a-commute-and-need-something-to-read kind of publication. Quite the contrary, it’s a food-for-thought proper sit-down kind of magazine, discussing the crisis during the time it’s been made in Athens – economic as well as Syrian, the flaws of urbanism as well as cosmopolitanism, debt and architectural decay. On a happier note, there’s a lad with coins on his face on the cover. With striking fold-out visuals by Miriam Cahn and the most haunting poetry by Brandon Shimoda South has managed to make the wait for 2017 even longer.

Monday, January 18, 2016


As far as we know MC1R is the only magazine devoted to one gene!

A part of the world population is carrying this gene that causes red hair. With 1 in 4 people as carriers, the chance of two people having a child with red hair is about 2% (1 in 64).

In the course of three issues this magazine has grown considerably and the editor in chief Tristan Rodgers residing in Hamburg has enthusiastically made his nonprofit job out of it. With 60 pages more the magazine explores being red in all its splendor. Beautiful gingers from Tel Aviv photographed by Nurit Becherit. The great debate Ginger versus RED. Music of Ginger origin. A diary about loosing your red hair due to Leukemia. And stories on all the beautiful side effects of being red like the white complexion and the lovely freckles!

Thursday, January 7, 2016


There are a lot of magazines that cover a different city or region in each issue. Pet People for example portrays people and their pets from one particular city, Boat Magazine dives into a city with their whole editorial team, We Are Dublin stays at home, Lodestars Anthology picks a whole country while Flaneur investigates one street in one city in particular.

DRIFT goes a step further, and picks one city and exploits its coffee culture. The first two issues were about New York and Tokyo and after great success their new issue is all about Havana. The three best things of the magazine are its beautiful paper, its fantastic photography and its diverse range of stories and different characters. It's not only baristas and coffee shops that pass by in DRIFT: in this issue even Havana's baseball tradition is also covered. All covers of each issue is a black-and-white aerial view of the city in question. Inside, on the other hand, the brilliant and exciting colors of Havana are in-your-face and hard to miss. Time to pack your bags!

Editor-in-chief Adam Goldberg is also the driving force behind the amazing Ambrosia Magazine, where he picks a region and exploits its food culture, by showing all its chefs and their favorite recipes.