Wednesday, July 1, 2015

event with editor Agnese Kleina from BENJI KNEWMAN July 30 in Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Thursday July 30 at 18:30 we have a presentation in the store with editor Agnese Kleina from BENJI KNEWMAN. The magazine is just two issues old but is so unique that it was picked up immediately. Come find out what's behind this Riga based independent magazine and have a drink with us in the Newscentre, Spui 14, Amsterdam.

It’s a Latvian magazine based around an imaginary character who is listed as editor-at-large in the masthead, and whose editorial letter is written ‘early Saturday morning, after returning from a birthday party’. He really is an unwritten Wes Anderson character made not of flesh but of glossy paper and ink – ever-smiling, dreamy and adventurous. - Magculture

Sometimes half the fun of discovering a magazine is figuring out what on earth it’s all about. That’s definitely the case with the enigmatic Benji Knewman, a new title from Latvia that claims to be made by the eponymous Benji and fills its pages with personal reflections on people living endearingly normal lives. - Stack Magazines

“Hello, my name is Benjamin, but friends call me Benji,” begins the editor’s letter in the first edition of Benji Knewman, a new printed publication with the tagline “life that you can read.” Benji Knewman’s tone is so warm and inviting and tinged with the accent of its native Latvia that we can’t decide whether Benji’s a real life contributor (he’s listed as editor-at-large on the masthead) or a fictional construct created to lure us in. If it’s the former, we apologise for doubting you Benji, but if it’s the latter, it’s working marvellously. -
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