Sunday, January 25, 2015

we had a nice evening with DIK Fagazine

We had a very nice evening with DIK Fagazine last Friday. Editor-in-chief Karol Radziszewski talked about the making of the new issue and how he found the characters he portayed in this Czechoslovakia monography. He explained what changed in the 10 year existence of the magazine and why the topic changed more to the history of queer culture in Eastern Europe. We saw photoseries of Libuse Jarcovjakova and Ryszard Kisiel. Plus we talked about the future issues of DIK, one of the plans is to cover Beirut.
Thanks everybody for coming and Nikos Doulos for taking some pictures.
Next Thursday 29th STACK Magazines and Works That Work at 18:30.

We are looking forward to the next issue of DIK, in the meantime issue 9 is available here.

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