Tuesday, January 6, 2015

THE PARIS REVIEW #211: interview with Michael Haneke

On our literary shelves, The Paris Review is one of the hottest titles. Next to a lot of poetry and short stories it has extended interviews with artists, writers, poets and filmmakers. This latest Winter issue has a fantastic 25 page interview with director Michael Haneke. He talks about the start of his film carreer and how he began writing, how he develops screenplays and which part of it is the most fun, what his relationship is with literature and why he absolutely wants to write the screenplays for his films himself.

Next to the Haneke interview there is a collection of Marc Yankus' architectural photographs. "Yankus isolates his buildings, applying a sandy texture to the space around them so that the background recedes and fades. This mirrors his own experience of walking down a Manhattan street and having a building 'speak' to him", Charlotte Strick writes in the introduction to the 16 photographs published.

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