Tuesday, January 27, 2015

inside FUET #2: Food and it's peripheries

The first issue of FUET appeared at the end of 2013, it's a funny Spanish magazine about ingredients, cutlery, utensils and the kitchen. Since then we didn't hear about a new issue and we were afraid it might be gone, we hoped this charming title would serve up a new issue in the summer. But then last week we had a great day when a huge pile of the second issue washed onto the shores of the Newscentre!
On the two covers you find a dressed up potato or aubergine. One hundred and thirty pages covering the theme icons. We made a flip through video.

the editors of the magazine say:
‘We now want to explore a universe that is familiar to most of us. We’re talking about ICONS and the relationship they have had with food throughout history.
In order to do this, we will submerge ourselves into the most succulent works of pop art and explore MartĂ­ GuixĂ©’s vision of food as another object of design. We’ll pay homage to television’s most famous chefs and travel to the disturbing town of Twin Peaks to discover its gastronomic mysteries. We’ll dance to the hypnotic rhythm of Carmen Miranda’s hips and enjoy a very special menu, developed by London studio Bompas & Parr.
The double cover of this issue is a tribute to Mr Potato, one of the great contemporary children’s icons and gastronomic toy par excellence, whose story stars in one of the magazine’s texts.’

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