Tuesday, October 28, 2014

introducing new Amsterdam based magazine PARKING LOT

PARKING LOT is a new Amsterdam based magazine edited by magazine maker Katerina Karagianni. It publishes work from artists based in the city that step out of their normal practice and take on a new medium for the magazine.
The hand-made magazine just launched it's first issue at Butcher's Tears. It is printed on a risograph and features work by Joseph Miceli, Yota Ionnidou, Tzvika Gutter (we know this guy from the Gutter Bunny zine), Tania Theodorou and Magnus Monfeldt.
It features illustration, photography, essays and even a blue flexi-disc with a song by The Pitch. It will be published three times a year.

this is what they say:

Parking Lot is an independent non-commercial hand-made publication addressing inquisitive minds around the globe. Based in Amsterdam, it acts as a platform for original works by international contemporary artists, thinkers, poets, writers, and activists. As an interdisciplinary project, it encourages collaborations, experimentation, and a total disregard for comfort zones.


  1. Reminds me a project I did in 2001...