Thursday, August 28, 2014


The Pitchfork Review is now 3 issues old and proves to be a strong, thick magazine about music and indie music. After publishing online about music for 17 years they went into print succesfully.

"The primary reason was for a love of the craft of both meaningful music journalism and printed matter. These days, we're used to music media equating with immediacy, but there is still a place for timeless opinions and ideas on the sounds and artists which we cherish. And we believe that this type of publication is the ideal environment for some of those pieces", creative director Michael Renaud told us when the first issue came out.

We have the Spring and Summer issues in stock at the moment, nice new addition is that they now include a 7” single in the back of the magazine. The Spring issue has a track by Kurt Vile and The Lovetones and a track by Watery Love. The Summer issue has a 7” with two tracks by The Lentils.

Also in the new issues: Christian Storm curated a series of photo’s of fans at gigs and concerts, an extended article on singer songwriter Elliot Smith, the soulful sounds of Joe Tex, bookreviews, guitarist John Fahey, Mike Power re-examines the Sung Tongs record by Animal Collective.

An overview of Kate Bush’s carreer, a large photo coverage of Matthew Barney’s latest film River of Fundament, the art and music of Bill Callahan and a retrospective on Outkast. 

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