Monday, August 11, 2014

THE BURNING SAND: prose, poetry and art from Glasgow

THE BURNING SAND: biannual magazine about prose, poetry and art. Made is Glasgow, Scotland, edited by Sarah Lowndes. Issue three came out last spring.
From the editorial: "..there is a very wide range of approaches taken by the contributors which is testament to the diverse and imaginative practices of artists currently living and working in Glasgow".

A poem in two parts by Kim Moore, illustrated by Fergus Dunett. An essay on the poetics of live electronic music and the pioneer of interactive computer music Martin Bartlett. A short story by Kathryn Elkin. Photography by Tony Swain. An essay by Sarah Lowndes on projective verse in San Francisco between 1953-1965. Jenny Brownrigg documented a conversation between five curators about transforming the interior of an abandoned beer factory.

It's smart, non-pretentious, has a wide range of topics but is still accessible. The Burning Sand always has the same cover, only the colour of the letters changes. A very nice magazine.

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