Thursday, August 14, 2014

interview with Fiorella Valdesolo from GATHER JOURNAL

GATHER JOURNAL is one of the most beautiful food magazines on our food shelves. What we love about this title is that it's full of recipes and food photography, it's always inspriring.
We talked to editor Fiorella Valdesolo.

Where are you based and what inspired you to start a printed magazine?

Gather is based in New York and was founded by Michele Outland and Fiorella Valdesolo in the summer of 2012. We met while on staff together at Nylon Magazine and had been dreaming since we both went freelance five odd years ago about working on a creative project together. We are both enamored with the print medium and believe that nothing quite compares to the tangible experience of paper, so we always were certain that it would have to be a printed publication. 

Which other independent food magazines do you read? Do you feel there’s a lot of competition?

I take a the more the merrier stance — I love that there are more independent food magazines out there than ever before! I think every publication has its own distinctive voice and style so there is room for everyone. Some of my current fellow food favorites are Lucky Peach, Modern Farmer, Swallow and Put a Egg On It.

What are your favourite magazines?

I will always have a special place in my heart for New York magazine. I also love Kinfolk, Lady, Adult, Four + Sons and Afar.

Did you ever consider publishing a cookbook?

It's certainly something we would consider in the future!

What are your future plans for Gather Journal?

We are working on our next edition (the fall/ winter 2015 issue) right now and we have a recipe app in the works that we are producing with the Brothers Mueller and Studio Mercury.

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