Saturday, July 19, 2014

MOUSSE #44: a look inside

Contemporary art magazine MOUSSE is published every two months on big size offset, bilingual in English and Italian. Interviews, reviews and essays.
This 44th issue has an insert, The Artist as Curator:
'It is a serial publication that examines a profoundly influential but still understudied phenomenon, a history that has yet to be written: the fundamental role that artists have played as curators. Taking the ontologically ambiguous thing we called “the exhibition” as a critical medium, artists have often in the process radically rethought the conventional form of the exhibition as such. This project is about precisely those exhibitions.
Two essays will appear in a loose booklet in each edition of Mousse over two years, before being published in book form at the end. Collectively, they will address twenty seminal artist-curated exhibitions, spanning a period from the postwar to the present.
The series is conceived and edited by Elena Filipovic, published by Mousse, and generously supported by an engaged group of art institutions and foundations that have made possible the research and production of the series.'
We made a flip-through video:

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