Sunday, July 13, 2014

interview with Rosa Park from CEREAL

CEREAL is a popular magazine in the store since the first issue came in. Calm, minimalistic design and interesting features on travel and food. Issue six just came out. We had some questions for editor in chief Rosa Park. 

When the first issue of Cereal came out, it seemed that it immediately found an audience that is still growing. Did you expect this?

At the risk of sounding trite, no, it was completely unexpected. I went with a very small initial print run due to this fear! The fear that what we have created may not find its audience right away. Fortunately, we sold out of our first print run in a month, which gave us the confidence to do a reprint of Volume 1, and have since been growing our circulation.

What do you think has changed since the first issue?

Everything and nothing. I say everything has changed because I have learned so much the past year and a half about the industry, how to run a business, what to expect from myself and my team, and this has influenced my perspective and how I approach my work. Having said that, it also feels as though nothing has changed, because our goals are still very much the same: to create a wonderful, quality product that our readers want to read and keep.

You are based in Bristol, UK, can you tell us something about the magazine scene there?

We are based in the South West of England - moving back and forth between Bristol and Bath - and it’s a wonderful place. I would say Bristol has more of a young, creative buzz, which is why our office is now based here. Certain cities just have that feeling - the entrepreneurial spirit and creative energy, and Bristol is one of them. As such, there is a booming magazine scene. Lots of independent titles exist in this area and new ones are launching regularly. It’s an exciting time.

Do you feel part of it?

I do and I don’t. I feel that we are a part of the new wave of independent titles by the nature and structure of our business, as well as our timeline. Conversely, my team and I are constantly travelling - as we are a travel magazine! - so I am actually not physically in Bristol for very long. I work around the clock and spend 99% of my time with my core team so I feel as though we live in a weird bubble that is Cereal land!

Which magazines do you read at the moment? Do you read a lot of new titles?

I read a lot of magazines. Too many perhaps? Haha. I actually read a lot of established, mainstream magazines such as Wired, National Geographic, TIME, World of Interiors and so on and so forth. New titles I read include Inventory, Smith Journal and Milk Deco. The one magazine I subscribe to is Monocle, it’s my favourite publication.

What are your future plans for Cereal?

We will continue to create our travel & lifestyle magazine, though some exciting developments are being made to its format and structure in the coming months! We will also begin printing our city guides, starting from the end of this summer. We are launching some great collaborative products for the winter season, and will be formally announcing the launch of our agency early next year.

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