Friday, July 4, 2014

HOLE & CORNER #3 Why experience is the best teacher

The love of materials, skills, crafts and living heritage splashes of each page, and a lot of articles are about passing on skills and traditions to the next generation. The focus is this time on experience; The best way to learn is to do!
Faye Toogood and her new collection of furniture, the phenomenal weaving studio of Dovecot in Edinburgh, the always inspiring Charleston House of the Bloomsbury collective and the surrounding garden, stained glass designer Tom Denny and his quest for perfection, Amy Pliszka and her beehives from pleated fabric.

The carefully crafted stories and interviews are worth reading and go pretty deep on each subject. In addition, there is a lot to see: photography and design are high level, the format is separate and very attractive layout.

€ 15.50

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