Monday, July 28, 2014

ANOTHER ESCAPE week at the Newscentre

ANOTHER ESCAPE's third issue came out two months ago. It received good reviews and more people are starting to follow this independent magazine from Bristol. Devided as always into the four chapters Inspiration, Exploration, Process and Response, this new issue centres around wood.

The history of the lumberjack shirt, Tom Raffield's unique wood products, the small team of perfumers of the fragrance distillery Juniper Ridgeshow and how they bottle their wilderness fragrances.

Then there's Korean handmade paper, known as hanji, that has a 1500 year history.  Aimee Lee explains how this process works and how she learned it.
Another Escape portrays Kiliii Yu, a kayaker and a boat maker. He makes beautiful kayaks from wood.

There's an article on the process of charcoal making. A portrait of Dani and Naomi who make furniture from old pieces of wood.
The Bamboo Bicycle Club manufactures bikes made from bamboo in East London. The cover story is accompanied by some amazing photo's of forest fire fighters. The issue closes with the great forest photo's by Jörg Marx.

We really like this issue of Another Escape so we made a window display this week. And since it's Another Escape-week, please check Subbacultcha!'s mailing list this week to have a chance of winning a free copy!

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