Thursday, June 5, 2014

TOO MUCH MAGAZINE #5: a magazine of romantic geography

TOO MUCH Magazine is made in Japan but published in English. It's one of these magazines that combine so many things that it seems impossible to put a label on it. For example, they call themselves "magazine of romantic geography", it sounds reasonable but what does it mean?

The 5th issue's theme is "The Body in Space and Time". It has an article on the Japanese chair designer Hidemasa Yatabe who wrote influential books on Japanese posture and seating, his chairs are beautiful.

There's a photo reportage from the "May '68 Revolution" in Paris, recalled in his essay by Nagao Nishikawa who studied in Paris at the time. Dan Rule dives into Cara Phillips' photographic series Singular Beauty about "the conflicted psychological and transitional space of cosmetic surgery studio's". Naoki Ishikawa investigated folklore on Japanese islands; deities and rituals in close up from 10 islands, very interesting.

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