Saturday, June 21, 2014

introducing a new Dutch magazine: THE BUTTER SPACE

THE BUTTER SPACE is created in Amsterdam by photographer Cindy Baar and graphic designer Martin Zuidema.

They say:

"We see it as a growing collection of visual outtakes from a world full of creative characters. A stylized view on things we like and people we meet. It’s a tribute to authentic spirits, free-thinkers and original style." 

There are a lot of magazines displayed in the pictures of this first issue. Magazines in a magazine. Why did they do this? What is their fascination with magazines?

"The photo series Mad Mags resulted from playing with magazines and food. At the home studio we have a huge collection of magazines. They have always been a source of inspiration for us, almost as important as food. By playing with food on the existing covers and making photographs of that, new covers and characters were created. We just love printed magazines. The sensation of holding one, browsing through, feel and flip the paper, see the binding and being able to sniff the ink is just super exciting, relaxing and informative at the same time! An experience that cannot be replaced by online magazines. That’s why the photo series Mad Mags is an homage to some of the cool titles that have been released throughout the years. And a big up to independent publishers!"

The Butter Space #1 is a high quality printed magazine in a limited edition of 600 copies, all are hand stamped, numbered and signed. 

Step into The Butter Space.

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