Monday, June 16, 2014

interview with Ivan Bolshakov from MOSKVICH MAGAZINE

We stock Moskvich since two issues now. It's a great addition because we only sell a few Russian weekly newspapers and the Russian Elle. Moskvich is mainly about photography and is published in English and Russian. The photography is quite good and we are fond of the design of the magazine, that's why we included it in our part of the exhibition at Facing Pages.
We wanted to know more about the magazine and had some questions for editor in chief Ivan Bolshakov.

Where is your magazine based and how would you describe it? And what does Moskvich mean?

Moskvich means a Muscovite, a man who lives in Moscow. I am a Muscovite and my magazine is a Muscovite too. Needless to say that it is based in Moscow. It's the only independent print media in Russia that focusses on forefront photography. It's also honest and very personal. It consists mainly of photo stories made by Russian photographers or photo stories shot in Russia.

Which magazine did you read this week?

I work, inter alia, as the art director in the leading Russian food magazine, so I always keep an eye on Lucky Peach. This week I've also read Garage (Russian version), FOAM and Palais.

Why do you publish in Russian and English?

I make Moskvich bilingual and set international distribution, so people, regardless of their place in the world, can see Russian photography and culture.

What is the connection between your magazine and Berlin?

Russia and Germany are strongly connected for XX centuries and have much in common, and Berlin is the closest city to Moscow among the European ones - historically and locally. So, I certainly see it as the gate to Europe.

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