Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tildaism with HOBO MAGAZINE #16

The new issue of HOBO is bigger in size and has different paper. It has two covers; one with Norman Reedus (very nice) and one with Tilda Swinton (she wins). For this photoshoot Vivienne Westwood picked ("curated") the clothes she wears and Juergen Teller is the man with the camera.
In the interview she starts with giving us her rhubarb crumble pie recipe and follows talking about her intereseting carreer as an actress and her personal life: "..there's a fire in the gate. Three dogs draped about ahead of me, a fourth one behind me like a cushion, his preferred position."

Next to the lovely Tilda Swinton interview there is the before mentioned Norman Reedus, fashion and poetry.

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