Sunday, May 11, 2014

MOOD #4: the punk issue

MOOD = music + food.

The editors were based in Belgium for the first three issues but moved to New York City last year where they made their fourth: PUNK.

The issue opens with a brief history of punk in ten pages illustrated by Elisa Perez.

Then there's an article on brewing beer with the three friends of Chicago's Hunx brewery. Their favourite beer is called Big Trouble: a jalapeno raspberry pale ale. They talk about the difficulties brewing the right beer, sometimes they screw up. Watch out for the new Hot Rum Cow issue that's soon available, they have dived into the world of lager recently...

Then there are interviews with the bands Flamingods and Seward who are also photographed on stage.
The editors went to Minneapolis to check the restaurants and record stores there, they made a map with some of the highlights they discovered so when you find yourself in Minneapolis once you know where to browse through vinyls, have a great dinner and then a nice beer.
Next to all the music and restaurants and beer brewing you find a handful of good recipes. Mood is really a one of a kind title on our food shelf. 

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