Thursday, May 29, 2014

11" x 17" READER

In our window this week a very special book by Elisa van Joolen. A fashion research that examines and the fashion industry's prevailing value systems and methods of production. She poses a few challenging questions regarding the fashion industry. What constitutes a clothing collection? What is the relationship between a fashion brand's collection and the contents of the average wardrobe? What happens when a piece of clothing consists of parts of multiple brands? For this projects she collaborated with brands such as Converse, O'Neill, G Star, Nike and Monique van Heist. Essays are contributed by Jose Teunissen, Pascale Gatzen and Lynn Berger a.o..

Van Joolen asked the brands to deliver sample pieces and a crew neck sweater in which she cut a piece of 11"x 17", the size of a tabloid. By mixing the pieces of different brands the concept of branding is challenged. The whole project is beautifully photographed by Blommers&Schumm and others.

Pascale Gatzen writes her essay around a question that pops up immediately when you see the photo's: what does it mean to cut into a garment? To cross the threshold to actually do that?
This book is an important journey to a revaluation of clothes. And beautiful.

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