Thursday, May 29, 2014

11" x 17" READER

In our window this week a very special book by Elisa van Joolen. A fashion research that examines and the fashion industry's prevailing value systems and methods of production. She poses a few challenging questions regarding the fashion industry. What constitutes a clothing collection? What is the relationship between a fashion brand's collection and the contents of the average wardrobe? What happens when a piece of clothing consists of parts of multiple brands? For this projects she collaborated with brands such as Converse, O'Neill, G Star, Nike and Monique van Heist. Essays are contributed by Jose Teunissen, Pascale Gatzen and Lynn Berger a.o..

Van Joolen asked the brands to deliver sample pieces and a crew neck sweater in which she cut a piece of 11"x 17", the size of a tabloid. By mixing the pieces of different brands the concept of branding is challenged. The whole project is beautifully photographed by Blommers&Schumm and others.

Pascale Gatzen writes her essay around a question that pops up immediately when you see the photo's: what does it mean to cut into a garment? To cross the threshold to actually do that?
This book is an important journey to a revaluation of clothes. And beautiful.

Monday, May 26, 2014

new fashion title: SICKY MAGAZINE

There's a new fashion magazine in the store called SICKY. Everybody seems to like it. Above pictured the famous Newscentre Cat with her bum on a pile of Faom Magazine.

Welcome to SICKY Magazine from SICKY Magazine on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Since issue one The Travel Almanac had iconic men on their covers (David Lynch, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Matthew Barney). Now the cover features Gia Coppola, a debut film director, female and 27 years old. It's surprising and good to see they made a departure from this earlier concept.
Gia Coppola is from the famous Coppola family and just made her debut feature film Palo Alto based on James Franco's short stories about US teenage life. In the interview she talks about the people that supported her, her mother and grandparents, the relationship with the small crew and cast of her movie. She comes across as smart, modest and curious.
Next to Gia Coppola there are the usual exciting hotel reviews, travel accessories and interviews, but in the meantime have a look at the Palo Alto trailer and some pictures Gia shot of the cast for Paper Mag.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Tildaism with HOBO MAGAZINE #16

The new issue of HOBO is bigger in size and has different paper. It has two covers; one with Norman Reedus (very nice) and one with Tilda Swinton (she wins). For this photoshoot Vivienne Westwood picked ("curated") the clothes she wears and Juergen Teller is the man with the camera.
In the interview she starts with giving us her rhubarb crumble pie recipe and follows talking about her intereseting carreer as an actress and her personal life: "..there's a fire in the gate. Three dogs draped about ahead of me, a fourth one behind me like a cushion, his preferred position."

Next to the lovely Tilda Swinton interview there is the before mentioned Norman Reedus, fashion and poetry.

Friday, May 23, 2014


We stock HELLO MR. for one year now. Since it has gained a good reputation and steady following in the city. What distinguishes Hello Mr. from other gay magazines around is not only that it's completely independent but also that it focusses more on what being gay actually is in 2014. It's not overly sexual or kinky at all, it's about dating, identity, carreer, finding yourself in the gay landscape in the bigger city after perhaps leaving a smaller one recently or since a while already. It has a very postive tone, it's never shallow and it shows guys doing what they do also outside of their sexuality and dating life.
This distinctive attitude of this magazine made us select it for our part in the Facing Pages exhibition last April. We interviewed editor in chief Ryan Fitzgibbon about his magazine when the first issue came out.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

ARTICLE #3: the four dots are still there

ARTICLE is probably one of the best designed men's fashion magazines around at the moment. Issue three just washed onto the shores of Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum and looks stunning again. The four golden dots on the cover are present since the first issue.

Prominent in this issue are vinyl record labels designed by Vaughan Oliver in the 80's for 4AD records. We spotted The Wolgang Press, Pixies, Cocteau Twins and the Dizzy 12" by Throwing Muses. 
Apart from the impressive design it's full of content as well: Jacky Tsai's illustrations get investigated, there's an article on the history of the suitcase firm Globe-Trotter founded by David Nelken in 1897, an interview with men's fashion designer Christopher Raeburn and an interview with actor Joe Dempsie, properly dressed and photographed in between the words.

Then there are five pictures of smiles by Joe McGorty, everyday objects photographed in an unusual way by Arthur Woodcroft and the issue ends with a short story on modeling, heartbreak and wisdom by Jammy Taylor.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SIDETRACKED #1: a new adventure inspired magazine

SIDETRACKED is a new title about adventure, expeditions and people who travel to the ends of the world to discover limits. The portraits of these people and their journeys are beautifully photographed, flipping through the pages you are on their skin and experience.
There are some more extended articles and shorter two page portraits of adventurers. It's published on thick uncoated paper, you pass by many different places on the planet and in the meantime you get more and more jealous of these people and it makes you want to leave your job and book a flight.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

interview with Sven Völker from SOME MAGAZINE

Some Magazine presented it's latest issue last week in Amsterdam. We asked editor Sven Völker some questions:
Where is Some Magazine based and what is it about?

Some Magazine is a magazine from the Artschool in Halle/Germany. It is written, edited and designed by my students and an always changing guest-editor-in-chief within my interdisciplinary design course. We take a close look at the intersection between design and art.

Why did you start your magazine and why did you choose for print instead of publishing online?

With two semesters per year, many talented students and loads of research, themes, projects and guests, we think we own a perfect breeding ground for a magazine. Most schools see their official magazine as a publicity tool and run them as an additional project, we see it as an integrated and very important element within our learning and working process. We love paper and we believe in the value of the printed word. A digital format might reach a broader audience, but we prefer a smaller but more dedicated readership instead. We also happen to own a Heidelberg printing machine that we use to produce the magazine ourselves.

What are your favourite magazines? Which ones influenced you?

There are certainly too many to mention, but among others there is The White Review, Fantastic Man or The Travel Almanac. But we also like where COLORS magazine came from.

You also published a book last year under the same title, what’s the difference between editing a book and editing a magazine for you?

Our magazine is monothematic and while we were always closely looking at themes like „Error“, „Electric“ or „Identity“ we somehow missed our own core theme: graphic work between design and art. We wanted to make a very personal reference book with all the heroes of ours and some (by far not all) the great graphic artists and designers that we learned to know over the past years. Making this together with the Swiss Lars Müller Publishers was a fantastic experience. A magazine is difficult to distribute and always when a new issue is out, the old one disappears from the market. That is very different with good books - they stay both in the shops and on our bookshelves.

Will you be publishing more books in the future?

Yes, we certainly will! We would like to also experiment with a more radical mix of a magazine and a book.

With so many good independent magazines around at the moment it has been proven that print is not dead. So if print is not dead at the moment, what do you think is the future of print now? Will it die again?

Low quality is dead (or very close to) and high quality has to find good concepts to finance smaller editions at higher production costs within a very crowded market. This is a difficult task, especially for projects that aim to stay for more than a few issues. It might not be the most experimental magazine, but I always get excited when I receive a new copy of Eye Magazine. And I love to look at the 80-something issues of it on my shelf that expose a consistent calmness over twenty-something years without a major change in writing, design or strategy.

Monday, May 12, 2014

38Hours in... BERLIN

38Hours in.... is a new magazine that will cover a city with every issue. This first one is about Berlin and reads much like an alternative travel guide. They highlight recent developments, new restaurants, there's an article on the club and rave scene and its's history and the revival of the West.
This seems to be a good addition on a city trip to Berlin. The 2nd issue about Paris is out as well and soon in the store.

38HOURS in Berlin from 38HOURS on Vimeo.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Nanni Strada's Mappamodello

Back in stock this wonderful collection of Nanni Strada's patterns designed in the seventies. It inclued the models created in 1974 for the competition "Arab-Islamic National Dress.
After studying Eastern clothes Nanni Strada created her own personal vision of the dress as a geomatric structure that envelops the body, independently of of anatomical measurements and tailoring. The package includes ceremonial dresses, work dresses, a work apron, jackets and vintage images. Never out of style!!
available in our webshop

MOOD #4: the punk issue

MOOD = music + food.

The editors were based in Belgium for the first three issues but moved to New York City last year where they made their fourth: PUNK.

The issue opens with a brief history of punk in ten pages illustrated by Elisa Perez.

Then there's an article on brewing beer with the three friends of Chicago's Hunx brewery. Their favourite beer is called Big Trouble: a jalapeno raspberry pale ale. They talk about the difficulties brewing the right beer, sometimes they screw up. Watch out for the new Hot Rum Cow issue that's soon available, they have dived into the world of lager recently...

Then there are interviews with the bands Flamingods and Seward who are also photographed on stage.
The editors went to Minneapolis to check the restaurants and record stores there, they made a map with some of the highlights they discovered so when you find yourself in Minneapolis once you know where to browse through vinyls, have a great dinner and then a nice beer.
Next to all the music and restaurants and beer brewing you find a handful of good recipes. Mood is really a one of a kind title on our food shelf. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


TVTOR is a thick new fashion magazine made by Matthias Vriens-McGrath of Dutch Magazine fame. It's quite a sexy magazine that's picked up very fast. We have a limited stock.

TVTOR magazine from TVTOR on Vimeo.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Newscentre @ WHAT DESIGN CAN DO 2014

We will this year again host the bookstore at the What Design Can Do congress in Amsterdam.
An international event exploring the power of design.

Speakers this year will include Paul Smith, Nelly Ben Hayoun, Paola Antonelli, Daisy Ginsberg, Rachel Armstrong, Teddy Cruz, Carlo Ratti.
There are still tickets available. THURSDAY MAY 8 + FRIDAY MAY 9