Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DISEGNO #6 features Nathalie du Pasquier

Disegno #6 is out. It’s the 5th issue we stock, and we must say it’s really very good.  Designed itself in a ‘bookish’ way so that it will remain a reference. In-depth articles, beautiful photography and a wide array of topics regarding design, architecture and fashion. The focus is strongly on design though.
In this issue Nathalie du Pasquier’s work is featured. She‘s a French designer and artist based in Milan. Her portfolio is based on constructions and is called ‘The Construction of a Collection and a Collection of Constructions’.
A great article about colour in design, an often overlooked subject. Many designers shine their light about colour in their work. “It’s completely underappreciated and completely underwritten” says Sebastian Wrong, creative director of Wrong for Hay.
Konstantin Grcic talks about his work which is exhibited currently in Vitra’s Design Museum. And Julia Lohman talks about her work with seaweed as design material.

Dirty reading- the current trend of high-end porn-style magazines, the practices of every day life, major design sets for fashion catwalk shows and the relation with branding, forests as idea generator are among the many pages to read and leaf through. Very much worth doing so!

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