Tuesday, April 22, 2014

DISEGNO #6 features Nathalie du Pasquier

Disegno #6 is out. It’s the 5th issue we stock, and we must say it’s really very good.  Designed itself in a ‘bookish’ way so that it will remain a reference. In-depth articles, beautiful photography and a wide array of topics regarding design, architecture and fashion. The focus is strongly on design though.
In this issue Nathalie du Pasquier’s work is featured. She‘s a French designer and artist based in Milan. Her portfolio is based on constructions and is called ‘The Construction of a Collection and a Collection of Constructions’.
A great article about colour in design, an often overlooked subject. Many designers shine their light about colour in their work. “It’s completely underappreciated and completely underwritten” says Sebastian Wrong, creative director of Wrong for Hay.
Konstantin Grcic talks about his work which is exhibited currently in Vitra’s Design Museum. And Julia Lohman talks about her work with seaweed as design material.

Dirty reading- the current trend of high-end porn-style magazines, the practices of every day life, major design sets for fashion catwalk shows and the relation with branding, forests as idea generator are among the many pages to read and leaf through. Very much worth doing so!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Newscentre on Monocle's THE STACK show & MONOCLE #73

Did we tell you we were at Facing Pages this year and had a great time? :-)
Monocle Radio's The Stack show was also present and made this nice audio impression of the independent magazines biennale. Magazine makers, organisers and our very own Anneke Reijnders talking about Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum and our love for independent magazines.
The show is very interesting for independent magazines and print lovers anyway, so you should check out this episode:

The new issue of Monocle just came in this week, click on the image to order:


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We are always excited when a new issue of TOILET PAPER by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari hits our store. This 9th issue came in today, super colourful and funny again. Toilet Paper's fanbase is growing fast, we have some back issues in the store plus still one copy of the limited (1500 numbered copies) colaboration with Kenzo, KENZINE #1.
Read our interview with them we did a while ago here.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Berlin Quarterly is a new magazine from Berlin that reminds us a bit of  Lapham's Quarterly, Boat, Apology and The White Review. The editors look at the world from the German capitol via essays, short stories, poetry, illustration and photography.

This first issue opens with an extended report on Belgrade after Milosevic. They dive into the city and it's changes since the 90's with beautiful pictures. 

After that an interview with Edwin Frank from the New York Review of Books Classics series, a short illustrated biography on biologist Ernst Haeckel, Chinese cities portrayed by photographer Sze Tsung Leong and poetry by Ujana Wolf in English translation.

Monday, April 7, 2014

There's a hole in ADBUSTERS # 112

There's a hole in the new issue of ADBUSTERS, a hole pierced right through the entire issue demanding it's space in the design. Sometimes it looks like some world leaders are assassinated and sometimes the hole is just a left out circle on a page that is there being a hole. Must have been a big job for the designers of the magazine to fit the text on the pages just outside of the hole.
They say on the front cover: you don't need a therapist: just buy this magazine. You can do that here.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


THE FACING PAGES symposium last weekend was a great success and the EXHIBITION IS STILL ON!! So if you are in Arnhem or want to go there take a look !

The exhibition is the beating heart of the biennale. 
Everyone could send their magazine this year, making the exhibition a library with a broad collection of the independent magazines made today. So join us in the infinite browsing through a 100+ magazines in a relaxing atmosphere.

Within the exhibition there are some extra curated sections highlighting personal favourites of:

O.K. Parking; Joost and William, the big Cahuna’s of Facing Pages, who have been collecting and reviewing a huge pile of magazines in the past two years, sharing their unstoppable enthusiasm with the world.

Athenaeum News Centre offers the most unique collection of magazines in the Netherlands. From all over the world, they find and sell magazines in the field of opinion, politics, history, art, lifestyle, music, design, architecture.

During the symposium we met the makers & followers of many of our favourite magazines! In our pop-up store we could clearly notice that there were some great speakers !


Ibrahim Nehme
editor in chief at The Outpost

Simon Esterson
art director & publisher at Eye Magazine
order here

Francesco Franchi

artdirector Il Sole 24 ORE
and writer of the great book

Peter Bil'ak

founder of Works That Work magazine


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FACING PAGES WILL surprise us in the coming month with a publication about the festival, we will keep you posted...