Wednesday, March 19, 2014

THE OUTPOST #4 presentation with editor-in-chief Ibrahim Nehme @ NEWSCENTRE March 26th 18:30

Editor-in-chief of The Outpost Ibrahim Nehme will be presenting the new issue at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum on Wednesday March 26th from 18:30. He will be joined by food writers Merijn Tol and Nadia Zerouali for a Q&A session. Merijn and Nadia will be also bringing in some Middle Eastern appetizers.
The Outpost is a Beirut-based independent magazine about possibilities in the Arab world. It was named by the Guardian as “a successor to the Economist”. Since its launch in 2012 it it has grown a lot and gained a good reputation in the media across the world.

We are proud to have Ibrahim Nehme in the store next Wednesday and hope you will be able to make it to this gathering around one of our favourite titles. There will be drinks and snacks.

Ibrahim will appear at the Facing Pages congress in Arnhem two days after (March 28th) for a talk about how magazines can change the world. We will also be present there with a pop-up store.

“The Outpost is my new favorite magazine. It is, overall, an impressive package—interesting and relevant reportage, beautiful design and graphics, with a mission to make change in a volatile, emerging region. Even if you aren't much interested in changing the Arab world, this magazine will make you think about where you personally stand and, through its stories and reports, make you think about what is possible in your life.”

— Dan Rowden, Founder, Magpile

"You rekindled a dream I had, and made me believe again in the future, I felt connected and somehow it wasn't just us, but everyone you were writing about felt exactly the same. In every single interview I have had, they asked me what made you start Rowayat... The answer is simple .... The Outpost."

— Sherine el-Banhawy, Founder of Rowayat, a new literary publication from Egypt

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