Wednesday, March 12, 2014

LUCKY PEACH #10: a street food special

Lucky Peach is the king of the independent food magazines. Always teasing recipes, articles that cover a wide range of topics besides food and above all it's extremely funny and witty.
The new issue is all about street food. Lisa Hanawalt draws and writes about her good and awful New York street food experiences.

Benjamin Wolfe investigates the micro organisms that live in disposed cigarette butts and describes how they enjoy their 'street food', there are articles on cooking with charcoal and especially Mourad Lahlou wrote a nice story on charcoal culture in Morrocco and how he translates it to American food culture.

There's an extended article on the world's most important and popular sausages, the Dutch frikandel seems to be one of the worst: "The English translation of sausage in Dutch is the autologically unfortunate word worst, which may or may not be a coincidence. "

Asian street food also gets a lot of attention in this issue. But the nice thing is that Lucky Peach really seems to cover the whole world, from Morrocco to Asia to Scandinavia. This is a very nice read.

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