Tuesday, February 11, 2014

interview with Sophie Pinchetti from THE THIRD EYE

The Third Eye's second issue just came in and again it is very difficult to describe. Printed on offset held together by a red thread this magazines is a nice alternative mix of ...what??
We asked spirit-in-chief Sophie Pinchetti some questions about her London based magazine.

Can you describe your magazine?

The Third Eye is a fiercely independent magazine celebrating Alternatives, Madness & Consciousness. It is first and foremost a maverick project of Love. It’s very much a global project, uniting a wild, colourful spectrum of voices, energies and visions, from the Brazilian Amazon to Berlin. The Third Eye evolves at the crossroads of different alternative, underground and artistic movements from around the world.
The magazine creates a free space, opening the dialogue between emerging subcultures and artistic movements, where ideas on the nature, value and role of contemporary culture can be explored. Participation, collaboration and experimentation are essential practices of the magazine. The Third Eye’s physical manifestation is part artwork, part magazine, forming magically from the fusion between art and life. It’s seeing life and society as a work of art, in which we all have part to play. Re-Evolution!

What inspired you to start a magazine?

Life! The amazingly free-spirited and beautiful people I have met around the world very much inspired the magazine. It seems to be absolute insanity that there are basically no magazines fully dedicated to real people, authenticity, grassroots movements and subcultures. On the rare occurrence that you do see magazines treating subcultures, it’s generally either a zine that makes the subject matter seem alienating to the uninitiated, or it’s in the context of a commercial type of magazine operating on a “fake punk” strategy, to give themselves an edge of notoriety, treating the subject in a way that commodifies the subject’s spirit and essence. There’s a real loss of integrity and heart there.

The Third Eye is a medicine for this. It’s a spiritual adventure too: it’s the wish to cultivate a new, life-affirming, sustainable, beautiful lifestyle, one that can exist and evolve in accordance with Planet Earth and humanity.

SOPHIE PINCHETTI, Spirit-in-Chief, Founder & Publisher of The Third Eye

The Third Eye is difficult to compare with other titles, what are you favourite magazines and which magazines do you feel affiliated with?

Part of the reason I created The Third Eye was definitely because I felt a dissatisfaction with current magazines and media. Creating The Third Eye feels like an unstoppable calling and duty: to create a new media representing ideas and people that are being eclipsed by the status quo oriented titles.
Some of the magazines I appreciate include Werker, Colors, Tissue, Purple Fashion magazine, Adbusters, Vestoj and Vice. I’m a crazy lover of self published, independent zines and publications – and it’s great to also find them in unexpected places, like in a pulqueria in Mexico City or a Rainbow Gathering in the forests of Portugal. I’m also a real fanatic when it comes to artists’ magazines and the underground press of the late Sixties and Seventies. I definitely feel affiliated with the rebellious spirit and manic creativity of this press. Perhaps The Third Eye is a 21st century reincarnation of this… Everything is connected!

What are your future plans for The Third Eye?

To continue growing, loving and celebrating Alternatives in all shapes and forms! To continue being alive in the Present! The future is already here. The Third Eye will always be taking things as they come, continuously evolving, fuelled by Love and an obsessive compulsion to Create.

This summer, you can expect to find The Third Eye on the road throughout Europe (Portugal, Hungary and Transylvania in Romania are on the cards) and possibly California. Spontaneous distributions on the road, as well as installations and exhibitions are in the works. The Third Eye will also be expanding online this year.

I publish The Third Eye print magazine whenever possible and with whatever means possible. Issue 3 will be a great new flaming journey. To everyone reading this, The Third Eye is open to collaborations, contributions and the Cosmos! I’ll always be fighting to create and publish beautiful content with integrity and authenticity. The Third Eye comes from the soul… And there’s no substitute for that. 

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