Thursday, January 16, 2014

interview with Khaled Sadiyyah from WTD Magazine

The Middle Eastern magazine scene is expanding, also in our store. This week NRC Handelsblad published an article on the scene. We are quite happy to stock these special titles.
Recently we found WTD magazine from Dubai. Architecture, design, future architecture and even science-fiction architecture. WTD has a great mix of articles on cities, buildings and culture.

We had a few questions for editor Khaled Sadiyyah.

What inspired you to start a magazine?

At the time, the team behind WTD were not happy with the way architecture was being portrayed in the Middle East. All of us had grown up in Dubai and we knew there was more to the shiny, tall skyscrapers being marketed to everyone else. Having freshly graduated with degrees in Architecture and Design we decided we should do something about it. And so, WTD (pronounced wa-tad) was born.

How would you describe your magazine?

WTD magazine is a publication where: the space maker, the detail enthusiast, the cynic, the idealist and the indecisive initiate a conversation. One that goes hay wire or reaches a dead end. Another that is so intricate it can’t be deciphered in one discussion. And select few that are relevant to a context and can (should) be manifested. These are the ones we yearn for – the common ground between all of the diverse personalities that have come together. The reason they connected – an attempt to alter the existing landscape. Through architectural discourse a conceptual ideal takes form. Other curious minds can voice their aspirations too – physically on the printed matter or among themselves. Here they take part in the design dialogue. A space is formed on the pages – where thoughts are constructed – a messy process that is exposed to the readers. Most importantly, a place where fleeting design ideas are anchored.

There seems to be a movement of independent magazines in the Middle East. Do you feel part of this scene?
Definitely! In all honesty, we weren't entirely aware of the movement when we first started out. But we are happy it has happened, even though by coincidence, it has injected a refreshingly new creativity in the print industry within the region. The Outpost, Wearehere, The Carton and The State have become some of our favorite publications and their respective editors are quite talented in their own right.

What are your favourite magazines?

Personally - I swear by GQ. But I always carry a copy of The New Yorker and Monocle with me.

As a magazine maker, which things make you jealous when you read a magazine?

Frankly, I can't say I've ever felt any jealousy when reading a magazine. If anything, I get inspired by the magazines I read.

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