Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello dear magazine lover!

A quick reminder from us.
Early Bird Ticket Sale Ends Today!!!
Today is the last day you can get a huge discount on your Facing Pages symposium ticket! The Early Bird tickets are only available until midnight today. So be smart, you know you want to visit, right? The line-up is awesome, the exhibition will be huge and inspiring and we have lots of extra activities. So there is no excuse for not coming to Arnhem at the end of March. On the website you’ll find information about the program,  venues and accommodation if you’re interested.

Get your tickets for the symposium (exhibition: free entry) via:

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

interview with Mike White from BONESHAKER

BONESHAKER is about bikes but not the glamour of bikes. It shows the counterculture, the rust and the love for cycling. Independent and without adds printed on nice paper and well designed, this title makes our hearts skip a beat when a new issue arrives in our store.

We had some questions for editor Mike White.

How would you describe your magazine?

Unexpected, thoughtful and fun. We're about freedom, friendship and adventure, about cycling's untold tales. From all over the world, we gather stories that dwell on the human side of cycling, on the poetry and politics of life on two wheels. The magazine is perfect-bound, printed on thick, uncoated paper stock, undated and completely free of advertising, so each issue feels more like a book, a collectable thing that we hope people will keep or share with others. We work with illustrators, photographers and a shifting team of designers to ensure a fresh visual style. We try to make each issue unlike the last, but there's always some adventure, some advocacy, a dash of design and derring-do, plus a pannier-load of mischief thrown in for good measure.  

What are your favourite magazines? 

Ooh, that's a long list. Some highlights include  ( in print) Simpson Magazine, Another Escape, Off Life, The Ride Journal, The Boneshaker Almanac (no relation), Coven and Huck, online we like Bunyan Velo, Station to Station and Sidetracked amongst many others... 

What inspires you when you are making a new issue?

The enthusiasm and surprising stories that beam at us from around the planet. From mirror-covered customised cruisers in the Sudan to guerrilla bike-lane painters in Bratislava, from LA bike gangs to the deserted railroads of Patagonia, it's always the sheer range and wonder of the stories that inspires us. 

We think Boneshaker and the booze mag Hot Rum Cow are brothers, do you agree? 

I hadn't even encountered Hot Rum Cow until you asked us that - having had a look, I reckon we could be booze-brothers, for sure. They say "Some people love it, others don’t get it – and that’s exactly the sort of magazine we publish." I'll drink to that!

You use a lot of illustrations in Boneshaker, why?

Often it's because an illustration can allow more freedom and interpretation. It can offer a softer, more intimate take on the words. A photo is a photo of a thing, its meanings are often pretty fixed, but a good illustration can say many things at once, leave room for ambiguity and let the reader see in it what they will. Illustrations leave more space for the imagination. 

What kind of bike do you ride?

When I want to go super fast, I dust off my road bike - a sleek white thing made  by Paul Donohue; I've also got a customised Raleigh Banana as a pub bike. Boneshaker shares a polo bike, an MTB and a cargo bike with Bristol Bike Project - of which co-editor James Lucas was also a founder. But mostly, day to day, I ride a 20-year-old touring bike - an upgraded Dawes Galaxy: lovely British steel, a real adventure machine.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Two new magazines in the store: the skateboarding / surf and fashion magazine DESILLUSION from France is finally available in Amsterdam, plus the sex and art magazine Odiseo's third issue.
There are flip through video's of both titles below.

Odiseo vol. 3 teaser - by Pensacola from Folch Studio on Vimeo.

Odiseo available in our webshop / Desillusion in our webshop

Thursday, January 23, 2014

CANDY #7 - with Lady Gaga on the cover

Spanish transversal magazine CANDY released it's 7th issue. Two covers: Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson. We only have the Gaga cover in the store.

Monday, January 20, 2014

interview with Danielle Pender from RIPOSTE

RIPOSTE just released it's first issue. It's a magazine for and about women. Jeremy Leslie from magCulture said: Riposte is well art directed and designed, with great use of the basics of magazine structure, from photography to illustration via typography.

We had a few questions for editor-in-chief Danielle Pender.

-         Why did you start a magazine?

I’ve always been interested in publishing, I did my MA in Creative Writing and have wanted to do something print based for a while. I buy quite a lot of magazines but the found myself buying more male orientated titles as I found the breadth of topics more interesting than the usual fashion and beauty focus of women’s magazines. I felt there was a real gap in the market for something different which spoke about all aspects of women’s lives not just fashion, beauty and relationships.

The slogan of the magazine is "A smart magazine for women", why did you choose this title?

We wanted make it clear from the start that we covered a broad range of topics and that the content was going to be more in depth than perhaps you find in other more mainstream women’s magazines. Also smart to us means more than intellect or academia, we feature women who are street smart and business savvy. 

Would you consider Riposte a feminist magazine?

I consider myself a feminist in that I believe in equal rights for all. Therefore yes I feel Riposte is a feminist magazine however we don’t approach the content from an exclusively gender political point of view, this can be really narrow and ignore much more interesting avenues of conversation. We profile everyone in our magazine as people first and foremost and their achievements speak for themselves.

I think you can question the status quo and have a conversation about feminist issues but I also think in many cases it’s more interesting to inspire through doing.

Did you read this new feminist magazine GAG? What do you think of it?

To be honest I haven’t but as far as I’m concerned any magazine which is trying to offer an alternative to the celebrity gossip magazines currently on offer is a great thing!

Why do you publish a printed magazine instead of publishing online?

I think a beautifully and carefully considered piece of print holds more weight in people’s minds than an online article. I personally remember more of what I read offline than on and I think it’s a totally different experience. I picked up the latest issue of The Gourmand recently and their level of care and attention to detail of the print job is incredible, it makes me respect the content more.

It seems the cover of Riposte is split; the names of the people that are written about are on the front cover on white while the back cover has a single portrait. What's the thought behind this?

The decision to have a solely text based cover came down to what we were trying to say with the magazine. We want the focus to be on what the women have to say, what they’ve achieved and who they are, rather than what they look like.

What are your favourite magazines?

I have a few, I love Monocle, Gentlewoman, The Gourmand, Printed Pages and Kinfolk are all really good.  

Are you already starting with the second issue?

Yes we’ve approached all of our interviewees and have decided on most of the features and essays. I’m really excited about Issue #2 and Shaz has already come up with some inspired design ideas!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

recensie: FLANEUR #2

De Waarheid in het midden van de straat 

Je loopt door een lange donkere straat met een ruime bocht halverwege. De straat moet ergens in het begin van de vorige eeuw aangelegd zijn, en lijkt nooit goed onderhouden. De verf bladdert van de muren van de appartementsgebouwen, kozijnen rotten zichtbaar. Meer dan de helft van de huizen in de straat is dichtgetimmerd. Overal is graffiti. Er hangen gescheurde posters van concerten, disco's en anarchistische pamfletten. Er is niemand in de straat behalve jijzelf. Er is gelig licht. Hopper. Frankenstein. Lynch. Je wandelt in Flaneur, in de Georg Schwarzstraße in Leipzig. Door karianne bueno.

Flaneur, gemaakt door een handjevol creatieve geesten uit Berlijn, neemt je in haar tweede nummer weer mee naar één straat. Bladerend door het magazine zwerf je door de straat, geleid door korte gedichten, gedachtespinsels, foto's en verhalen van haar makers.

lees verder:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

BONESHAKER #13: the counterculture of the bike.

This boneshaking magazine is of course all about bikes!
What is nice about this magazine is that it's not just about owning a bike or seeing biking as a sport, BONESHAKER focusses on the social side of biking, biking together, jump on your self made bike and show off on your way to a picknick.
It's not about the glamour of cycling, but about the rust and counterculture of the bike. Cycling in far away countries.
These magazine makers succeed in communacting the good feeling of cycling into a beautiful small magazine printed on soft paper with nice photography and without any advertisement.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Het Nederlandse literaire tijdschrift dat het lekkerst aanvoelt; prettige grip op de cover, zachte bladzijdes en een handzaam formaat (20 x 24 cm). Ook heeft Das Magazin bij ieder nieuw nummer een verrassing voor je, die je bij het openslaan van het tijdschrift tegemoet komt vallen. Deze keer is het Handleiding voor een superheld in nood, geschreven door Pieke Werner met illustraties van Marina Tadic. Ook verborgen in de schoot van #8, thema 'De superheld', is een origineel erratum:

Hoofdredacteuren Toine Donk en Daniël van der Meer geven toe ook feilbaar te zijn, en bieden een fraaie oplossing voor hun probleem. Voorts in dit nummer de volgende auteurs en superkrachten: tekenaars Erik Kriek, Jasper Rietman, Floor de Goede, Kamagurka, Dick Matena, Robert van Raffe en Michiel van de Pol creëerden hun eigen superheld. In de Duitse Eifel is het werkkabinet van Gerbrand Bakker. 

Hanna Bervoets verzamelde citaten van Thomas Blondeau (1978 - 2013) en Yannick Dangre schreef een gedicht voor hem. Dan Hassler-Forest, Joost de Vries en Daan Heerma van Voss delen hun ervaringen met superhelden. Korte verhalen van Alex Boogers en Frederik Willem Daem.

Zines waarvan de reputatie groter is dan de afmeting. Een goed voorbeeld van zo'n blaadje is het onvolprezen, onregelmatig verschijnende periodiek Kutgitaar (10,5 x 14,5 cm). Kutgitaar trekt bij verschijning als een rilling door de literaire gemeenschap en tegen de tijd dat je door hebt dat er een nieuw nummer is, is het felbegeerde issue al weer uitverkocht. De eerste nummers waren niet alleen geliefd om de inhoud maar ook om de covers: 

Kutgitaar is een literair periodiek zonder enig pretentie zoals ze zelf zeggen, maar inmiddels hebben aardig wat van de scribenten van Kutgitaar de cross-over gemaakt naar de grote literaire wereld, en enkelen zoals Maartje Wortel publiceerden al meerdere romans. Ieder nummer is handgenaaid en genummerd door die jongens uit Nijmegen.

Deze keer met bijdragen van Martijn Brugman, Gerjon Gijsbers, Jolijn Ceelen, Geert Simonis, Daan Windhorst, Willem Sjoerd van Vliet, Marc Robbemond, Ilse Schaminée, Rijnder Kamerbeek, Argibald, Lisa Weeda, Jerry Hormone, Jan Willem Sterenborg, Olivier Heiligers, Daniël Vis, Oscar Wyers, Dennis Gaens en Toni van Tiel.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

interview with Khaled Sadiyyah from WTD Magazine

The Middle Eastern magazine scene is expanding, also in our store. This week NRC Handelsblad published an article on the scene. We are quite happy to stock these special titles.
Recently we found WTD magazine from Dubai. Architecture, design, future architecture and even science-fiction architecture. WTD has a great mix of articles on cities, buildings and culture.

We had a few questions for editor Khaled Sadiyyah.

What inspired you to start a magazine?

At the time, the team behind WTD were not happy with the way architecture was being portrayed in the Middle East. All of us had grown up in Dubai and we knew there was more to the shiny, tall skyscrapers being marketed to everyone else. Having freshly graduated with degrees in Architecture and Design we decided we should do something about it. And so, WTD (pronounced wa-tad) was born.

How would you describe your magazine?

WTD magazine is a publication where: the space maker, the detail enthusiast, the cynic, the idealist and the indecisive initiate a conversation. One that goes hay wire or reaches a dead end. Another that is so intricate it can’t be deciphered in one discussion. And select few that are relevant to a context and can (should) be manifested. These are the ones we yearn for – the common ground between all of the diverse personalities that have come together. The reason they connected – an attempt to alter the existing landscape. Through architectural discourse a conceptual ideal takes form. Other curious minds can voice their aspirations too – physically on the printed matter or among themselves. Here they take part in the design dialogue. A space is formed on the pages – where thoughts are constructed – a messy process that is exposed to the readers. Most importantly, a place where fleeting design ideas are anchored.

There seems to be a movement of independent magazines in the Middle East. Do you feel part of this scene?
Definitely! In all honesty, we weren't entirely aware of the movement when we first started out. But we are happy it has happened, even though by coincidence, it has injected a refreshingly new creativity in the print industry within the region. The Outpost, Wearehere, The Carton and The State have become some of our favorite publications and their respective editors are quite talented in their own right.

What are your favourite magazines?

Personally - I swear by GQ. But I always carry a copy of The New Yorker and Monocle with me.

As a magazine maker, which things make you jealous when you read a magazine?

Frankly, I can't say I've ever felt any jealousy when reading a magazine. If anything, I get inspired by the magazines I read.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DER GREIF #7 : a very nice photography magazine

DER GREIF is a new title in the store. This 7th issue has a beautiful cover, difficult to not stare back at the girl. The paper is soft but firm, the photographs are spread over the pages.
133 images and 22 texts from 136 artists. This issue is the 5th anniversary of Der Greif, it's limited and numbered. 
What a nice magazine! Have a look in the flip-through video below.

Der Greif #7 from Ostrario on Vimeo.

Monday, January 13, 2014


PRINTED PAGES is the reincarnation of the beloved It's Nice That Magazine. With striking covers and a nice mix of content they keep doing what they are good at.
Design, Art, illustration, photography and interviews. This is already the 4th issue. Scandinavian product design, London's art-house cinema The Renoir, Joe Sacco about his carreer in war comics and Douglas Coupland talks about designing magazines in Japan.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


The Gourmand proves it's quality with every new issue. Subtitle is "A food and culture journal", it's loved equally by cooks and artists.

In this 3rd one: Gemma Tickle makes fantastic sculptures with different kinds of pasta, food stylist Petra O'Brien shows us the tools she uses for her presentations, Set Fluker made photo's while working dishwashing shifts with striking results and the Polish immigrants in the UK that bring Polish products.

The Gourmand is excellent in mixing art and food, every issue has great photo's of food installations, artists working with food and interesting essays on food and food culture. Plus of course: recipes!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

FUET: new food magazine from Spain

This is the first issue of FUET, a new food title from Spain named after this Spanish saucage. It's as good as other Spanish titles like Apartamento and The Plant. Also it is comparable to The Gourmand, mixing food, photography, essays and art.

In #1 we see how a pig is slaughtered and processed to the kitchen, modern food rituals, an investigation of cutlery, an interview with Antoni Miralda, recipes (rabbit in chocolate sauce) and poems.
Fuet is yet another great title on our expanding food shelves. It is exciting to see how many of these titles appear at the moment. Have a look at some others here.

Monday, January 6, 2014


After the succes of the first issue of Another Escape we are now treated on issue two. This British independent magazine focuses on the story behind people, craft, travel, photography, cooking. 

A portrait of four contemporary tango musicians from Argentina, squid fishing in the UK, ochre - one of the oldest used pigments and where it's from, coffee grinding and vintage automobilia.

Every page has impeccable design, it's lush and has strong photography. It's a bit darker than affiliated titles like Kinfolk and Cereal.

We spoke to editor in chief Rachel Maria Taylor when the first issue came out, read the interview here.