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interview with Bianca Casady and Anne Sherwood Pundyk from GIRLS AGAINST GOD

GIRLS AGAINST GOD is a magazine made by Bianca Casady from CocoRosie and artist Anne Sherwood Pundyk. It's about feminism and future feminism: A boldly feminist exploration and multi-generational endeavor, G.A.G. deploys the arts to illuminate the oppressive, obsolete nature of traditional, male-defined religions and other patriarchal institutions.
It has drawings, poetry and interviews by artist like Antony Hegarty, Melanie Bonajo and Gabby Bess.

We had some questions for the girls against God.

Why did you start a feminist magazine?

Bianca: I don't exactly know why but it feels right and already seems to
have its own path and momentum. The project is leading us.

Anne:  Bianca invited me to partner with her on Girls Against God. Sophie Morner had already gotten behind the project for Capricious.  As an artist, starting a collaborative feminist magazine felt like a good way to get necessary messages about reprogramming out into the world, even beyond the art world. We see feminism as a much broader term than in prior usages; everyone is a feminist. The letters we wrote to each other at the beginning of the first issue of GAG touch on the breath of our mission.

Why did you choose the format of a printed magazine over publishing online?

Anne: We wanted to create an art object that our readers could hold in their
hands and pass to their friends -- spread the news in a tangible way.  We hope the magazine is a catalyst for change, even if it first takes the form of small acts of personal rebellion.  We would like our readers to use the pages for posters on their walls, if they want. The design by Jean Marc Ruellen is lush and bold.  For now we want to limit our on-line presence to facebook and maybe a simple resource page. We are planning to launch a GAG YouTube channel and will be looking for submissions soon.

Bianca: As females we feel alien to television and newspapers. We
wanted to shift this paradigm and make female centered "official" news
and headlines about what’s really going on

Anne Sherwood Pundyk

Will the two of you be editing the next issue of GAG?

Bianca: Yes. We are busy putting it all together now, and it’s very
mysterious how this next child will form.

Anne:  We are gravitating to witchy subjects that tie women's health, healing and recovery to the earth. The anthropological work on ancient matriarchal societies by Marija Gimbutas is a resource for us.
Bianca Casady

What are your favorite magazines? What are your favorite feminist
Anne: Almost everything I read now seems so transparently in support of the status quo.  I haven’t read that many current feminist magazines, but I met with the artist Suzanne Lacy recently and she suggested we look at "Heresies Magazine" which was published by feminist artists from 1972 - 1992. I look forward to checking them out.

Bianca: I don't read any to be frank. I pick up Butt from time to time.

What is the feature in the first issue you are most fond of?
Bianca: I kind of love it all I gotta say. I'm still getting thru the first read.

Anne: I have a fondness for the first interview I did for this issue, which was with Alexyss K. Tylor. It felt like I was discovering a new world defined by truth. I’ve used that feeling as a guide since then.  I agree with Bianca, though that I love all the pieces in the issue.

What are your future plans for GAG?

Anne:  We will be publishing the first three issues with Capricious and we also have several launch events on the horizon. For news and information, readers can look at our facebook page, Girls Against God. For submissions people can write to

Bianca: We aren't looking too far ahead. One issue at a time. New
artists and minds coming together to help undo this long big mess of
patriarchal thinking.

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  1. Mooi interview! Ik heb GAG #1 met veel plezier gelezen. Fijn dat het bij Athenaeum te krijgen was. Ik kijk uit naar GAG #2. Casper