Saturday, December 7, 2013

HOLE & CORNER #2 : celebrating craft, beauty, passion and skill

For us its the first issue we have in our store, but it's actually the second issue of this remarkable magazine. The subtitle is: celebrating craft, beauty, passion and skill.

Love for materials, skills and heritage splashes from every page. Now heritage is the theme this time, and quite a few articles are about skill or tradition passed on to next generations. Like this one: Pascale Mussard, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Thierry Hermes tells about petit h. Simplicity, re-usage of discarded materials and great skills of the people she selected for the studio are among her unique business model. She tells about innovation, how the company grew from 500 to 10.000. She also tells that craftspeople had to apply not just with their CV but also in writing. So Mussard has boxes full of embroidered poems, scrapbooks, carved words et cetera. A great source of dedication.
Each subject throughout the magazine is introduced with a wood type letter from the collection of Mr Smith.

The carefully constructed short and long stories are worth reading. About garden-icon Penelope Hobhouse, a Devon studio where they're tanning leather in a natural way, handmade yukelele's, jewellery makers, wine, motorbikes, the Museum of British Folklore and handmade surfboards and so on. Besides this,  there's much to see. Photography as well as magazine design are of a high level. To introduce the theme on the cover -unearthing treasures, from folklore to famil- there's this small sentence we think about often while running around in our daily lives: get the balance right. This magazine and the people who are in it certainly are getting the balance right!

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