Saturday, October 26, 2013

interview with Rob Orchard from DELAYED GRATIFICATION

DELAYED GRATIFICATION looks back on the last three months to see what really mattered in the news. We stock this Slow Journalism magazine in the store since a while now and it's gaining a very positive reputation in town.
We talked to editor Rob Orchard about his magazine.

Why did you start a magazine?

For three reasons. Firstly because at the time we were working on the launch, back in 2010, there were lots of articles appearing saying that print was dead, and we thought that was nonsense, and wanted to launch a beautiful print magazine to show it could still work. Secondly because all around us we saw journalists being forced to work to ever-faster deadlines to keep up with news being broken on social media and losing a lot of the context, canvassing of expert opinion and sifting of facts that we have traditionally expected from them. We thought there was an opportunity for a publication which was ‘Last to Breaking News’, and which gave journalists the time and space to pursue the truth. And thirdly because starting a magazine is just an incredible amount of fun.

How big is the Delayed Gratification team?

It’s a small core team of just six people, and we then have a network of freelancers.

Do you think the Slow Journalism movement has a future?

Of course! As digital news media grow faster and faster, there will be an increasing demand for slower, more considered, more intelligent coverage which gives the final analysis instead of the first, kneejerk reaction to stories.

With which magazines do you feel affiliated?

We love the New Yorker, the Believer and the Atlantic for their long-form journalism. Filter magazine in Sweden and 21 in France have a similar slow journalism approach to us.

Why do you use so many infographics?

Because they’re the best way of compressing three months’ worth of data into a beautiful, accessible form, and allowing stories to emerge from the facts with no editorialising or spin. They also add to the look and collectibility of the magazine.

What are your favourite magazines?

All the mags mentioned above, plus McSweeney’s, Monocle for its fantastic design, Hot Rum Cow for the imagination of its editorial team and Six Mois for its brilliant photojournalism.

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