Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Port’s editor-in-chief Dan Crowe introduces our autumn issue featuring versatile actor Michael Shannon
Via his critically acclaimed theatre work on Broadway; his Oscar nominated performance in Revolutionary Road and recent lead roles in The Iceman and $225 million blockbuster Man of Steel, Michael Shannon has acquired, in Hollywood fashion, the typically reductive label of ‘bad guy’. He can look mean. He can sound terrifying. So, he is the new bad guy. On this subject, during our cover shoot in London this summer, he says to me (even though I’m not interviewing him): ‘Do not ask me about bad guy roles. It’s done.’ And so I don’t. Instead, we talk about music, his band, directors he would like to work with, scientists, his friend – and Port’s film editor – Samantha Morton, Werner Herzog and David Lynch’s superior hairstyle.

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