Saturday, September 7, 2013

interview with Alexandra Gordienko from MARFA JOURNAL

MARFA JOURNAL is a new magazine about art and photography, it looks more like a book and it's packed with great stuff. We had a few questions for editor Alexandra Gordienko.

Why did you start a magazine and why did you call it Marfa?

My friend Jen and I were travelling across the US from Los Angeles to Nashville. When we stopped at Marfa, TX, I couldn't help but wonder how can I communicate, what this tiny town has to offer, to my friends back home. We came back to London and started telling everybody about the drive of Marfa and how much of an awesome place it is. Klara (Marfa Journal's Creative Director) was intrigued and got on board. We went on another adventure: NYC vs. LA – I took a zillion pictures, we interviewed a bunch of people and created what Marfa Journal is now.

Why did you choose print over publishing online?

I'd say my favourite activity is going bookshop browsing on weekends. I love it. Sometimes I spent hours just looking at books, magazines, zines, journals and always pick one thing to take home with me. It doesn't matter a book or a postcard. I like having objects on my desk. That's my thing, I collect memories.

Which article in this first issue are you the most fond of?

Trash Talk interview is fun, boys are really good friends. Andrew Richardson's one is definitely a highlight. Well and the Editors letter, of course.

Are you an artist yourself?

Duh! Have you seen the issue yet? Artist isn't just a painter or a sculptor. If you tend to surround yourself with beautiful thing, you are an artist for sure.

What are your favourite magazines?

MARFA JOURNAL! I actually used to work for Purple Fashion magazine, it always was one of my favourites. I kinda like Hello. Also The Journal, Thrasher, Art Review and ToiletPaper. In one of the interviews we were called TP's distant cousin, ha!

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