Friday, September 27, 2013



Flip the magazine and you get another gender perspective!  Read the section for women, flip it and read the section for men or just skip it (hahaha). This would be a shame because in both parts there is a lot to experience, although i can imagine that men get a slightly different feeling when they read (and see) the article about DICK SOUP than the ladies! lo and behold in the middle of the magazine the genders mix with an predictable result; FOOD SEX! 

also featuring:
Fuchsia Dunlop cooks stag penises; Alice Waters discusses being a woman in the kitchen; Amelia Gray tries out the offerings at the toughest strip club in LA. For the gents, Ben Shewry, chef of Melbourne’s much heralded Attica, talks food and fatherhood; men cook with flowers (squash blossoms, nasturtiums, and more); Peter Meehan investigates castration in cooking. You’ll find essays about gay cooking in America, the lasting cultural impact of
Three’s Company’s Jack Tripper, and the food of bachelor mountain ascents. Plus: original art exploring the intersection of food and sex, curated by the creators of Thickness, the erotic comics anthology.

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