Friday, September 27, 2013



Flip the magazine and you get another gender perspective!  Read the section for women, flip it and read the section for men or just skip it (hahaha). This would be a shame because in both parts there is a lot to experience, although i can imagine that men get a slightly different feeling when they read (and see) the article about DICK SOUP than the ladies! lo and behold in the middle of the magazine the genders mix with an predictable result; FOOD SEX! 

also featuring:
Fuchsia Dunlop cooks stag penises; Alice Waters discusses being a woman in the kitchen; Amelia Gray tries out the offerings at the toughest strip club in LA. For the gents, Ben Shewry, chef of Melbourne’s much heralded Attica, talks food and fatherhood; men cook with flowers (squash blossoms, nasturtiums, and more); Peter Meehan investigates castration in cooking. You’ll find essays about gay cooking in America, the lasting cultural impact of
Three’s Company’s Jack Tripper, and the food of bachelor mountain ascents. Plus: original art exploring the intersection of food and sex, curated by the creators of Thickness, the erotic comics anthology.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tomorrow in the newscentre COLORS #87

Photo editor Mauro Bedoni will be shaking hands and showing off the new issue of COLORS Magazine at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam on September 26th Between 19:00 and 20:00.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Launch COLORS #87 @ Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Photo editor Mauro Bedoni will be shaking hands and showing off the new issue of COLORS magazine at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam on September 26th Between 19:00 and 20:00.

What distinguishes a conceptual masterpiece from a bit of urban debris? A renowned painter from a commercial designer? Is copying allowed in art, and if so, says who?
COLORS’ newest issue Looking at Art, out in September 2013, throws light onto the mysteries of the art world.
COLORS is one of our favourite titles and we are excited to launch the next issue at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum!

There will be some back issues available as well.

Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum
Spui 14-16

COLORS #87 - Looking at Art from COLORS Magazine on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Port’s editor-in-chief Dan Crowe introduces our autumn issue featuring versatile actor Michael Shannon
Via his critically acclaimed theatre work on Broadway; his Oscar nominated performance in Revolutionary Road and recent lead roles in The Iceman and $225 million blockbuster Man of Steel, Michael Shannon has acquired, in Hollywood fashion, the typically reductive label of ‘bad guy’. He can look mean. He can sound terrifying. So, he is the new bad guy. On this subject, during our cover shoot in London this summer, he says to me (even though I’m not interviewing him): ‘Do not ask me about bad guy roles. It’s done.’ And so I don’t. Instead, we talk about music, his band, directors he would like to work with, scientists, his friend – and Port’s film editor – Samantha Morton, Werner Herzog and David Lynch’s superior hairstyle.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


The White Review is a new literary magazine we stcok from the UK, it's comparable to The Paris Review and Granta. It publishes photography, art, essays, short stories, interviews and some amazing poetry.

In this 8th issue an interview with Sophie Calle, fiction from Claire-Louise Bennett and some great poems by Jack Underwood. We never heard of that guy before. "...WILL TELL ON YOU' is just perfect.


Saturday, September 14, 2013


Tyler Brûlé laat zich niet meer filmen tijdens zijn speeches. 'I'm having an intimate moment with you,' zegt de Financial Times-columnist en maker van Monocle dan tegen zijn publiek. Hij wil zijn praatjes niet opgeknipt terugzien op YouTube, buiten zijn controle en los van de context. Met een bedenkelijke houding staat hij op de cover van het Australische Dumbo Feather. Maar juist in dit blad, dat steeds vijf interviews bevat van wel twintig pagina's lang, hoeft hij zich om te veel geknip weinig zorgen te maken, concludeert kelli van der waals.

 Al die lange gesprekken vergen, Zomergasten-stijl, enige tijd en concentratie. Dumbo Feather is een magazine met focus: het aantal geprofileerde mensen is beperkt; hun foto's zijn altijd één pagina groot; en er zijn weinig andere artikelen die de aandacht afleiden. Alles op de 127 bladzijden is in lijn met de eenduidige stijl en smaak van de makers. Ieder interview wordt ingeleid door de auteur, die altijd iets over zijn of haar eigen ervaring vertelt. Daarboven wordt aan de hand van een paar vaste categorieën het gesprek getypeerd: locatie, datum, weer, en onverwachte wendingen. Tussen de interviews door verschijnen soms, als intermezzo's, artikeltjes over waar de persoon in kwestie zich zoal mee bezigt. Bij Brûlé is dit bijvoorbeeld een stukje over Monocle.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013


We stock some great titles about food, there seems to be a new wave of culinary magazines that come with a new approach to food journalism. They're often well designed, funny, full of beautiful pictures and interesting editorials on food and the people behind it.

We also store these four small food zines. They have exactly the same size.

PUT A EGG ON IT #7   (order here)

Put A Egg On It comes from Brooklyn, New York and is always printed on green paper.It has recipes, interviews with cooks, great photography and drawings. This 7th issue has recipes for curried sweet potato gnocchi, pork and cabbage dumplings, kuldunai, Czech dumplings and lamb-stuffed cabbage. A very nice zine about food culture.  We spoke with editor Sarah Keough when the last issue came out, read that interview here.

LA BROUSSE #3  (order here)
La Brousse comes to us from Marseille. And it is ofcourse written in French. But also if you don't speak French there's plenty to enjoy and discover in this title. It has recipes, lots of drawings and a good sense of humour. This last summer issue is about ice cream mostly. It also includes an insert with a map of the market of Marseille.

NOBLE ROT #2    (order here)
Noble Rot comes from the UK and is about wine and food. Essays about wine from experts, an interview with Coldplay about wine and Coldplay, the wines of Rioja's Lopez de Heredia and wine terrorism in the South of France. There are a few wine magazines around but Noble Rot is different, it looks at wine from many angles.

 (order here)

The Runcible Spoon comes from Washington and is made by three friends. It's a charming, messy magazine and includes cartoons, recipes and stories about food. This last summer issue is all about salt.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

FANTASTIC MAN #18 available at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

The new FANTASTIC MAN has Spike Jonze on the cover with a great smile. It's available next friday, but....we already have a pile in our store!
Drop by Spui 14-16 to get your copy or order from our webstore here.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


MC embraces an intentional use of media platforms, curating the work of artists and writers in the celebration of Misery. 

The cover of Misery Connoisseur could be a reaction to the Cereal and Kinfolk trend of just putting one simple image on the cover, like just a leaf or a pineapple - they took a black olive pierced by a cocktail pick.
This bi annual magazine celebrates misery with enough irony.

Misery Connoisseur Magazine Issue 1 from Misery Connoisseur on Vimeo.

Monday, September 9, 2013

KINFOLK #9 - every day is like sunday

Since the last issue of Kinfolk there's a new slogan on the cover. First it said 'Guide to small gatherings', now it's 'Discovering new things to cook, make and do'.
In Kinfolk every day could be a saturday or a sunday, it seems like the people in the magazine enjoy every minute of their lifes with their best friends with the best food on the most exciting or beautiful locations. In this sense it's a bit unrealistic but then again most magazines are a bit unrealistic compared to real life and maybe in that sense it's better to live in Kinfolk than in Toiletpaper Magazine.

With the trendsetting, serene, calm and perfectionist design of the magazine you can really dive into these pages and truely get inspired for the weekend.
A customer told us the other day she thought of Kinkolk as an experience rather than a magazine, which illustrates the love people have grown for this title.
Issue #9 just arrived at the store and can be ordered here.

Kinfolk Saturdays: Picking Berries from Kinfolk ( on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

interview with Alexandra Gordienko from MARFA JOURNAL

MARFA JOURNAL is a new magazine about art and photography, it looks more like a book and it's packed with great stuff. We had a few questions for editor Alexandra Gordienko.

Why did you start a magazine and why did you call it Marfa?

My friend Jen and I were travelling across the US from Los Angeles to Nashville. When we stopped at Marfa, TX, I couldn't help but wonder how can I communicate, what this tiny town has to offer, to my friends back home. We came back to London and started telling everybody about the drive of Marfa and how much of an awesome place it is. Klara (Marfa Journal's Creative Director) was intrigued and got on board. We went on another adventure: NYC vs. LA – I took a zillion pictures, we interviewed a bunch of people and created what Marfa Journal is now.

Why did you choose print over publishing online?

I'd say my favourite activity is going bookshop browsing on weekends. I love it. Sometimes I spent hours just looking at books, magazines, zines, journals and always pick one thing to take home with me. It doesn't matter a book or a postcard. I like having objects on my desk. That's my thing, I collect memories.

Which article in this first issue are you the most fond of?

Trash Talk interview is fun, boys are really good friends. Andrew Richardson's one is definitely a highlight. Well and the Editors letter, of course.

Are you an artist yourself?

Duh! Have you seen the issue yet? Artist isn't just a painter or a sculptor. If you tend to surround yourself with beautiful thing, you are an artist for sure.

What are your favourite magazines?

MARFA JOURNAL! I actually used to work for Purple Fashion magazine, it always was one of my favourites. I kinda like Hello. Also The Journal, Thrasher, Art Review and ToiletPaper. In one of the interviews we were called TP's distant cousin, ha!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CAPRICIOUS #14 "Masculine"

Issue 14 of photography magazine Capricious is about masculinity. 140 pages of the best photography around. Capricious is super relevant.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The State is made in Dubai.It's about architecture, cities, art, current affairs. It's a good addition to our Middel Eastern titles like The Carton, The Outpost, Brownbook, We Are Here and Bidoun.
This what they say:

THE STATE investigates South-South reorientations, alternative futurisms, transgressive cultural criticism, the transition from analogue to digital, and the sensuous architecture of this “printernet.”

Monday, September 2, 2013


When BUFFALO ZINE came in we all got excited. This biannual print just released it's second issue, a double one, so actually two magazines held together by an elastic band. It comes from Madrid and London.
Old and new icons, aesthetics, arts, and self–expression. It's experimental and it changes completely on every page. It has photography, illustrations, interviews. It's a thick magazine full of inspiring stuff.