Sunday, August 4, 2013

interview with Nicholas Lewis from THE WORD

THE WORD documents neighbourhood living, photography, fashion, music and art and comes from Belgium. We had some questions for editor Nicholas Lewis.

-          Why did you start a magazine?

I   I grew up surrounded by magazines. My mother used to edit a local paper for Belgium's Indian community and i have vivid memories of her behind her typewriter drafting last minute editorials. Later on, when I moved to London to study in the early 2000's, a lot of new magazines were being launched and I really started getting into them on another level, analysing their structures, content mix, editorial choices, design grids, tones, etc…All of a sudden, I found myself to be a magazine nut and the only thing I really wanted to do was start one. Got a few friends together, outlined a first issue and, next thing you know, we're outlining our second one. 

-            What keeps you going while editing a new issue? 

   The prospect of putting together an even stronger issue than the previous one. 

-     What’s your favourite magazine? And what is your favourite extinct magazine?    

The New Yorker, hands down.

 But i do also love 'SUP - everything from its design to its photography, subjects and tone just hits the spot for me. 

And I also recently discovered Garageland, Garagisme and Tissue Magazine which all offer immensely re-invigorating editorial experiences each in their own way. 

Favourite extinct magazine? Probably Carl's Cars (not sure they're extinct, but haven't seen a new issue in ages). Oh, and Beople (belgium magazine published by Base Design in the early 2000's). 

-          Is there a movement or group of magazines you feel connected with at the moment?

 Not really no. I'd say I/we feel more connected to our immediate and loosely-connected tribe of collaborators than anything else. 

-    Why did you chose to make a printed magazine and not publish your content online?

Because screens make me squint. 

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