Friday, July 26, 2013

interview with ANOTHER ESCAPE

ANOTHER ESCAPE just released it's first issue. The design is impeccable; calm and beautiful. In that sense it comes close to these other new popular titles Kinfolk and Cereal, but Another Escape stands on it's own feet. It's difficult to pin down what this magazine is about: it's subtitle is "A Creative Exploration", and browsing through AE there is a lot to explore. 
We had some questions for editor-in-chief Rachel Maria Taylor.

What is your magazine about?

Another Escape is built around the idea of exploring what inspires people and their process of responding to these inspirations; a look at people and their passions.

Our editorial content is very much driven by narratives. Our stories look to work twofold, with individuals’ personal narratives as well as a learning experience for the reader. The idea is for our readership to feel inspired by both the person and the ideas behind the subject matter. 

Why did you start a magazine?

Another Escape stemmed quite organically through the interests of the founders, Rachel Taylor and Jody Daunton. We understood our concept and then looked for a medium to deliver it and we felt that a printed publication best suited it. Another Escape began as a lo-fi zine based around what is more easily defined as ‘creative practice’, but with our new style publication we really wanted to question and push the idea of what a creative practice can be, and explore the interesting people that are really taking hold of what inspires them.

Another reason was because printed publications offer a very tangible experience in an object that you can hold and interact with. This user experience is almost as important to us as the content itself, and we were meticulous about the tactile qualities of the publication. This will be something that we will also be considering more with volume 2.

Which magazines influenced you and what are your favourite magazines?

Although previously having an awareness of the indie publishing scene, it wasn’t until we were part of it that our eyes were really opened to some of the inspiring magazines being made at the moment. Favourites include some of Australia’s finest Smith Journal, Dumbo Feather, and Offscreen. Home-grown favourites include Cereal, Boat, and boneshaker.

Another Escape has a clear and minimal design, why did you chose this?

The ambition was to create a simple and elegant design that allowed for all elements to work harmoniously. The name Another Escape refers to the content, but also very much to the experience that the publication itself intends to offer. It is a pause for thought.

With this in mind we wanted the design to transpose a leisurely pace, a magazine that you can plod through, perhaps not sequentially, and perhaps over a duration of time. The navigation and manoeuvrability was an important factor. Our publication looks to straddle the area in between being a magazine and being a book, and we want our readers to feel that Another Escape deserves a sustained spot on their bookshelf. Our content supports this in that it is not intended to be time-sensitive.

What are your future plans with Another Escape?

Another Escape is currently working on volume two, which we are extremely excited about and looks to be available early Autumn. There are a few other ideas potentially in the pipeline, but it’s all a bit top secret at the moment.

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