Monday, July 22, 2013

ice cream weather with THE CARTON #6

Food magazine THE CARTON from Beirut stole our heart from the first issue we stocked. It shows the Middle East through food culture. This summer issue is about ice cream. 
Amsterdam based cook book writers and Middle East fanatics Merijn Tol and Nadia Zerouiali wrote an article on special ice cream: Syrian pistachio, pomegranate sorbet, saffron and tahini haleweh. Yummy!
Then there's an investigation on the kitchen of Casablanca and Riri and Richard Azrak who pursue their great grandfathers ice cream salon in Beirut. 
The nice thing about The Carton is that it has a style of it's own with a clear love for food, yet it fits in perfectly with the other new upcoming titles on our food shelves. 

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