Friday, June 7, 2013


THE NEW ORDER is a bi-annual magazine and this 8th issue is the first one we stock in our store. It focusses on the influential people in art, fashion, food, culture and lifestyle. Their aim is to bring insight in the people that have a positive influence on today's society.

It's a thick magazine full of the best photography and interviews. It seems like a hipper version of Inventory, if we should really compare it to another magazine.

Hiroki Nakamaura of Visvim talks about his Japanese fashion label. A day with actor Leo Fitzpatrick (from Kids). Pharell Williams talks about his label and designs.
This is a great addition to our fashion shelf. We also took some copies to the MOBA in Arnhem.

contents of #8:

Damir Doma; Leo Fitzpatrick; kolor; Native Sons; Comme des Garcons Homme Plus; DENIM BY VANQUISH & FRAGMENT and uniform experiment; Vivienne Westwood; BWGH; Saint Laurent; Visvim; SUITMAN; Stussy Deluxe; Gosha Rubchinsky; WISM; DUALFORCES; N. Hoolywood; M2A4Y6U by Kateb Habib; Eating Out in Paris; Pigalle; Multiple Disorder; U.S. Alteration; Hender Scheme; BBC Bee Line; SOTech; C.E.; Balabushka Remnants; Comme des Garcons SHIRT; Still Good; Steve Harrington; Kenzo

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