Thursday, June 20, 2013

LUCKY PEACH #7 - The Travel issue

The 7th issue of the fantastic LUCKY PEACH is all about travel. On the cover there's a guy in a boat in a bowl of milk and cereal. If you flip over the issue you see him stranded on an island made of cookies. 
Peter Meehan describes three days of great food on Hawaii. 
Greg Larson is an American imperialist bastard (his words)who travelled to North Korea and shows us his food experience and gives us insight in the food culture of the country. 
Adam Gollner shows us the great food of Crete. 
There's a 'cocktology' for the best cocktails you can make with a mini-bar. 
Naomi Duguid gives tips for travelling with children. 

Chris Ying tells us what to cook for Christmas in Sweden.
Magnus Nilsson the famous Swedish chef travelled to Rio and tested his talents over there. 
Andy Ricker shares his recipe for Thai grilled chicken.
The history of the curry and how different it is all over the world (with recipes for curried lamb ribs, fish-head curry, beef cheek curry and crab curry).

Lucky Peach is published by McSweeney's. Check out the best food magazines we stock here.

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  1. The back cover island is made entirely of CEREAL, not cookies.