Monday, June 24, 2013


KOMFORT MAG is made in Prague, from their Facebook page:  
Komfort Mag is a non-commercial project. Completely DIY and Do It Together. This we see as a significant factor - it means we are not subordinate to any erratic publisher or advertiser.

Like Love is the Law and Perdiz, KOMFORT MAG blends together different genres and arts. There's essays, photography but mainly illustration. 
In #8 you'll find some beautiful drawings by Lucia Dovicakova ('I won't be your perfect wife') and Svetlana Fialova. There are also two posters included from the last artist. 
Also striking in this latest issue is the photography by Illah van Oijen, great photo's of cities in Eastern Europe called 'East Coast of Europe'. 

Lucia Dovicakova, from I won't be your perfect wife

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