Monday, June 17, 2013

interview with HELLO MR.

HELLO MR. is a new magazine for men who date men, it's made by Ryan Fitzgibbon. We had some questions for him.

Hello Mr. Fitzgibbon, how are you doing?

Very well, thanks! 

Why did you start Hello Mr.? Which magazines inspired you?

As a graphic designer, I’ve always loved magazines. My taste evolved as I matured and begin exploring the world – Indie bookshops became the landmarks of my memories, and magazine became the relics of the different cities I visited. It always seemed to be the heaviest magazines that I was attracted to, also; Apartamento, Monocle, Fantastic Man, Elephant, etc. The quality of design and density of content made me an instant subscriber of titles in this genre. As I devoured their content, I started forming my own opinions of what qualifies a quality publication.

A theme I uncovered about many of my favorite publications was how inherently gay they were, not in the literal sense, but in who was responsible for creating them. It baffled me to think that with so many great publishers out there, why there hadn’t been a sophisticated title catered to me, a gay man who loves reading magazines on the go. While I loved BUTT and Mate/Winq, I would never be caught dead reading those rags on an airplane let alone anywhere in public. That’s the basis of why I started Hello Mr. The how I started it, is an entirely different, and not so simple story.

What keeps you going while editing the magazine?

Is it cliché to say my fans? Truly though, the readers that have supported and inspired me through the making of issue 01 drive me to keep going. Anyone in independent publishing knows that it’s not about success or money, it’s about creating community around commonality. And for a generation of gay men, many under the age of 18, Hello Mr. plays an important role in connecting like-minded individuals on a global level. 

What's your favourite gay magazine? And what's your favourite magazine at the moment?

As crude as it can be, I’ve always admired BUTT for creating a strong brand that marked a place in time through the voices of a niche group of gay men. Not all that different than what Hello Mr. is doing, but in a different era, for a different group of men. At the moment, I’m thoroughly enjoying watching (and being a part of) the surge of independently published magazines and the  ‘Golden Age of Print’ making a come back. Magazines like Apology, Kindling Quarterly, and Offscreen are all inspiring me to continue pushing the industry forward for all lovers of great content.

What's your favourite place for a date?

Coffee. Stimulate me.

Do you want to go for a drink?

Yes, please

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