Saturday, June 29, 2013

interview with FOOL

Fool is one of the best magazines we have on our food shelf.
We asked art director Lotta Jörgensen some questions about her magazine.
She is sharing the position of editor-in-chief with her husband Per-Anders Jörgensen.

Why did you start a magazine? And why did you name it Fool?

We started Fool out of passion for food and a curiosity for all the people behind the new evolving food scene. Fool, is an old idea we came up with it eight years ago but at that time we couldn"t pull it off. We both have backrounds from magazine making from different areas new paper journalism as well as fashion, art, lifestyle and food. I am an Art Director and my husband is a photographer. We think it's a perfect match!

Fool seems to be quite succesful after two issues already. Gourmand named you the world's best food magazine of 2013. How do you feel about that?

We are flattered. And it's great to get recognition for what we do!

What are your favourite magazines?

We love Intelligent Life, Time, The New Yorker and The Guardian.

There are some very interesting food magazines around at the moment. The seems to be a whole new movement in culinary journalism. What do you think about this and why do you think this came up recently?

I can only speak for us. I believe we are one of few who do a food magazine without recipes. And this is important to us. We do not see a point in having recipes in Fool, Vogue Italia doesn't have sewing patterns. Another fact we believe in is to make a magazine, not a book.

What's your favourite food when reading a magazine?

Eating while reading? I like aeropress coffee, a glass of natural wine or long jing tea. 

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