Sunday, June 30, 2013

our skateboard magazines: 43 & DANK

We have two nice skateboard magazines: DANK and 43.
Dank comes from Norway and issue #5 just came in: mostly great skate photography from around the world and interviews with skaters. The interviews are in Norwegian but they included a booklet with English translations.

43 comes from New York and shows us the city and it's skaters in the current issue (#3). Also great skate photography and personal accounts from skaters and their way through the city on their board.
These two magazines not only show skateboard culture in a well designed way, it also shows urban culture and fashion, city life and architecture.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

interview with FOOL

Fool is one of the best magazines we have on our food shelf.
We asked art director Lotta Jörgensen some questions about her magazine.
She is sharing the position of editor-in-chief with her husband Per-Anders Jörgensen.

Why did you start a magazine? And why did you name it Fool?

We started Fool out of passion for food and a curiosity for all the people behind the new evolving food scene. Fool, is an old idea we came up with it eight years ago but at that time we couldn"t pull it off. We both have backrounds from magazine making from different areas new paper journalism as well as fashion, art, lifestyle and food. I am an Art Director and my husband is a photographer. We think it's a perfect match!

Fool seems to be quite succesful after two issues already. Gourmand named you the world's best food magazine of 2013. How do you feel about that?

We are flattered. And it's great to get recognition for what we do!

What are your favourite magazines?

We love Intelligent Life, Time, The New Yorker and The Guardian.

There are some very interesting food magazines around at the moment. The seems to be a whole new movement in culinary journalism. What do you think about this and why do you think this came up recently?

I can only speak for us. I believe we are one of few who do a food magazine without recipes. And this is important to us. We do not see a point in having recipes in Fool, Vogue Italia doesn't have sewing patterns. Another fact we believe in is to make a magazine, not a book.

What's your favourite food when reading a magazine?

Eating while reading? I like aeropress coffee, a glass of natural wine or long jing tea. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


'I don't think anybody is an expert on Berlin because it's changing so dramatically' Willem Dafoe says about one of his favourite destinations. He's also on the cover of this 5th green issue of THE TRAVEL ALMANAC.
Stockholm-based artist Carsten Höller, Scritti Politti founder Green Gartside, Alec Scott and actress Paz de la Huerta talk about their travels and carreers.
And as always there's a series of reviews of the most special hotels from around the world.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

meet-and-greet met Merijn Tol in onze MOBA pop-up store!

Op vrijdag 28 juni om 16u een meet-and-greet met Merijn Tol in de MoBA pop-up-store in Arnhem.
Merijn Tol ontdekte de Arabische wereld door de ogen van eten, en schrijft – samen met Nadia Zerouali- de Arabia kookboeken over deze fascinerende keuken die gaat van Zuid-Europa naar Maghreb en Midden-Oosten. Haar tweede thuisbasis is Beirut, Libanon waar ze bezig is met het opzetten van een klein duurzaam hotel en plek om de Arabische eetcultuur te vieren. Merijn schrijft, kookt, ontwikkelt recepten en is foodstylist. Ze dragen regelmatig bij aan het Libanese foodtijdschrift The Carton, en vele Nederlandse bladen zoals Delicious. Hun laatste kookboek Arabia bij je thuis komt in voorjaar 2014 uit bij Abrams in New York voor de internationale markt.
Merijn weet alles over de hang naar perfectie in de lifestyle in Libanon. Fetishism and extreme beauty all over!

Monday, June 24, 2013


KOMFORT MAG is made in Prague, from their Facebook page:  
Komfort Mag is a non-commercial project. Completely DIY and Do It Together. This we see as a significant factor - it means we are not subordinate to any erratic publisher or advertiser.

Like Love is the Law and Perdiz, KOMFORT MAG blends together different genres and arts. There's essays, photography but mainly illustration. 
In #8 you'll find some beautiful drawings by Lucia Dovicakova ('I won't be your perfect wife') and Svetlana Fialova. There are also two posters included from the last artist. 
Also striking in this latest issue is the photography by Illah van Oijen, great photo's of cities in Eastern Europe called 'East Coast of Europe'. 

Lucia Dovicakova, from I won't be your perfect wife

Sunday, June 23, 2013

TOM TOM MAGAZINE #13: The Metal Issue

TOM TOM MAGAZINE is about female drummers. This 13th issue is the metal special. 
They highlight new bands, there's a guide to female drummers and the music scene in Barcelona, a top 6 for female metal drummers, interviews with ZZZ'S, Haim and Hot Chips's dummer Sarah Jones who also plays drums in New Young Pony Club (they have a new album coming out soon). 

There are articles on drumming techniques, gear and record reviews. 
Tom Tom Magazine comes  from Brooklyn, New York. When the last issue came out, we asked editor Mindy Abovitz some questions. That's here.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


One of our favourite and most beautiful zines at the moment is PERDIZ from Spain. It's published in Spanish and English and deals with art, literature, photography, illustration, current affairs and lifestyle. A hybrid of topics common at the moment for zines. Why choose just one topic or genre for your magazine?

In this second issue they show the special humor of fishermen, living a life online and becoming a goat shepherd after leaving a life in the city.

The beautiful illustration on the cover by Julia Randall is called Watermelon. Have a look at the flip through video below.

Turning Pages :: PERDIZ#2 from PERDIZ on Vimeo.

Friday, June 21, 2013

a virtual tour through our NIEUWSCENTRUM

It's now possible to take a virtual tour through our store on Google Maps. Can you spot your favourite magazines??

Thursday, June 20, 2013

LUCKY PEACH #7 - The Travel issue

The 7th issue of the fantastic LUCKY PEACH is all about travel. On the cover there's a guy in a boat in a bowl of milk and cereal. If you flip over the issue you see him stranded on an island made of cookies. 
Peter Meehan describes three days of great food on Hawaii. 
Greg Larson is an American imperialist bastard (his words)who travelled to North Korea and shows us his food experience and gives us insight in the food culture of the country. 
Adam Gollner shows us the great food of Crete. 
There's a 'cocktology' for the best cocktails you can make with a mini-bar. 
Naomi Duguid gives tips for travelling with children. 

Chris Ying tells us what to cook for Christmas in Sweden.
Magnus Nilsson the famous Swedish chef travelled to Rio and tested his talents over there. 
Andy Ricker shares his recipe for Thai grilled chicken.
The history of the curry and how different it is all over the world (with recipes for curried lamb ribs, fish-head curry, beef cheek curry and crab curry).

Lucky Peach is published by McSweeney's. Check out the best food magazines we stock here.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Signing Session at Athenaeum Newscentre

Coming saturday, famous Dutch shoe designer Jan Jansen will sign the book he made together with author Lisa Goudsmit. They will be present at Athenaeum Newscentre from 14.00 - till 16.00 hours.

 read more

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BOAT MAGAZINE travels to Kyoto

For each issue the BOAT editors travel to a city, investigate it and make their magazine about their findings. So far they've been to Sarajevo, Detroit, London and Athens. For the 5th issue they went to Kyoto.

Articles about Kyoto's special sushi's, the mountains north of the city, the history of the Nintendo, the maiko and geisha's seen through Western feminist eyes, Kyoto's vegetarian kitchen shojin ryori, ceramics, bonsai and beautiful pictures of the city and it's inhabitants.

Boat proves with each issue how strong their concept is, this issue is better than any travel guide you can find on the city.

Monday, June 17, 2013

interview with HELLO MR.

HELLO MR. is a new magazine for men who date men, it's made by Ryan Fitzgibbon. We had some questions for him.

Hello Mr. Fitzgibbon, how are you doing?

Very well, thanks! 

Why did you start Hello Mr.? Which magazines inspired you?

As a graphic designer, I’ve always loved magazines. My taste evolved as I matured and begin exploring the world – Indie bookshops became the landmarks of my memories, and magazine became the relics of the different cities I visited. It always seemed to be the heaviest magazines that I was attracted to, also; Apartamento, Monocle, Fantastic Man, Elephant, etc. The quality of design and density of content made me an instant subscriber of titles in this genre. As I devoured their content, I started forming my own opinions of what qualifies a quality publication.

A theme I uncovered about many of my favorite publications was how inherently gay they were, not in the literal sense, but in who was responsible for creating them. It baffled me to think that with so many great publishers out there, why there hadn’t been a sophisticated title catered to me, a gay man who loves reading magazines on the go. While I loved BUTT and Mate/Winq, I would never be caught dead reading those rags on an airplane let alone anywhere in public. That’s the basis of why I started Hello Mr. The how I started it, is an entirely different, and not so simple story.

What keeps you going while editing the magazine?

Is it cliché to say my fans? Truly though, the readers that have supported and inspired me through the making of issue 01 drive me to keep going. Anyone in independent publishing knows that it’s not about success or money, it’s about creating community around commonality. And for a generation of gay men, many under the age of 18, Hello Mr. plays an important role in connecting like-minded individuals on a global level. 

What's your favourite gay magazine? And what's your favourite magazine at the moment?

As crude as it can be, I’ve always admired BUTT for creating a strong brand that marked a place in time through the voices of a niche group of gay men. Not all that different than what Hello Mr. is doing, but in a different era, for a different group of men. At the moment, I’m thoroughly enjoying watching (and being a part of) the surge of independently published magazines and the  ‘Golden Age of Print’ making a come back. Magazines like Apology, Kindling Quarterly, and Offscreen are all inspiring me to continue pushing the industry forward for all lovers of great content.

What's your favourite place for a date?

Coffee. Stimulate me.

Do you want to go for a drink?

Yes, please