Thursday, May 23, 2013


The Outpost from Beirut comes with a brilliant second issue. They were nominated for Magpile's Best New Magazine and Best Magazine Design awards. They call themselves a magazine of possibilities.

This issue is about the possibilities of living in the Middle East. 'World Makers bending, breaking and making the rules of a new Arab World'.
The Outpost divides it's articles in What's Happening? and What Could Happen? You'll find articles on Syrian theatre in a time of war, the young generation of Baghdad building up the city with a movement called Fikra Space. There's an interesting article on transsexuality in the Arab Region, one of the biggest tabboos there, some transgender people are forced to live as refugees abroad. Also in issue two the abandoned buildings of Beirut and beautiful pictures of Villa Casdagli in Cairo.

The Outpost is one of the most important publications about the Middle East, made by a new, young  independent group of journalists.
We interviewed editor in chief Ibrahim Nehme when the first issue came out, that's here. 
He also talks about the new movement of magazine makers coming from Dubai and Beirut at the moment.

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