Monday, April 29, 2013

APOLOGY - the first issue

Apology is a new magazine of art, fiction, games, humor, essays, interviews, journalism and photography. 

After working at hipster bibles like Index and Vice, journalist Jesse Pearson, 37, has launched Apology—a smart quarterly of literature, reportage, art, and humour—this month. Pearson says the publication is a rectification of sorts for his youthful transgressions — a reference perhaps to Vice’s infamous interviews with nubile nude girls, among other controversial pieces. Apology’s cool-kid photography by Ryan McGinley and Roe Ethridge, and humorous riffs by Lesley Arfin and Chelsea Peretti, will be supplemented by such features as a lengthy discussion on the semicolon, an endangered animal and a revealing visit with poetry’s √©minence grise John Ashbery.

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